Finding the Varicose Vein Treatment That Works for You

Updated on: August 18, 2014

One of the things that get the most use on the human body is the legs. We use our legs more than we think. Some people are more conscious of how their legs look more than anything else. Men want their legs to look more muscular, while women want their legs to look smooth and slim.

Thus, is it any wonder why women, as they age, tend to seek varicose vein treatment? In order to understand why a woman would need varicose vein treatment in the first place, it is important to take a look at why she would get varicose veins in the first place.

Varicose veins occur when too much pressure is put on the veins. This is usually comes from significant changes in weight, like while a woman is pregnant. However, these kinds of veins can also be caused by issues like running without the proper footwear, and crossing one's legs while sitting.

All of that being said, what are the available options for varicose vein treatment? Well, first of all, it is important to note that the appearance of the veins might be indicative of a problem that is more serious than just it being a cosmetic nuisance.

No matter how the varicose veins appeared, they are indicative of a possible circulatory problem. The veins look the way they do (swollen and purple or blue) because too much blood has pooled within them. If this blood is not sufficiently circulated back up into the heart, clots might occur.

How can a woman tell if these veins pose a significant health risk? If she experiences significant cramping in her legs on a regular basis. Also, a rash might appear on the legs as well, and if that rash is not properly taken care of, there is a decent chance that it might become ulcerated.

Thus, if a woman suspects that her veins are in trouble, it is important to make an appointment with her primary care physician as soon as possible. If the physician does indeed see a significant threat, then the woman will most likely be referred to a dermatologist.

During the first visit with the dermatologist, the woman will be asked questions such as how many pregnancies she has had, when she first noticed the veins, and if she has a history of heart disease in her family. Next, the dermatologist will determine the treatment options that are available to the woman.

The first treatment option that will probably be tried is sclerotherapy. In this procedure, a medicine is injected directly into each and every problematic vein on the legs. The intention for the medicine is for it to get the blood circulating again, thus collapsing each troublesome vein. However, this generally has to be done over a period of a few months before definitive improvement can be seen. Laser therapy is another procedure that can be done on the veins. The heat of the light is meant to increase blood flow, thus also reducing the appearance of the vein over a period of time.

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