Laser Treatment to Remove Spider Veins

Updated on: August 18, 2014
Spider veins are tiny, fine veins that appear just below the surface of your skin. Even though these minuscule veins are connected to your larger venous system, they are not an indispensable part of it. Spider veins occur when small veins that are just under your skin become bloated and dilated. When the pressure inside your vein expands enough to conquer normal resistance of the vein wall, spider veins materialize. In women, the power of veins to oppose augmented demands is reduced when the body's estrogen level drops. Laser treatment to remove spider veins can help to alleviate the problematic veins.

Laser Treatment to Remove Spider Veins

The endovenous laser treatment to remove spider veins is done under local anesthesia right in your doctor's office. There is minimal scarring if any and recovery time is nominal. Your vein doctor will first do an ultrasound examination that will enable him or her to visualize your blood vessels and record their size and shape. Your vein specialist will then outline the venous system so that he/she will know where all the leaky points are. Photos are used to help identify the area that is going to be treated.

The area that is going to be treated will be covered with a skin anesthetic known as lidocaine. A sterile fiber will then be placed inside your vein and situated under ultrasound guidance. Laser energy is used to treat the targeted vein. A compression stocking is placed over the treated area and should be worn for at least one week following your laser treatment to remove spider veins.

Endovenous laser treatment to remove spider veins can also remove varicose veins as well. The procedure takes between 30 minutes to an hour and can be performed right in your doctor's office. In most instances you be able to go back to work that same day and return to your regular activities as well. If you have issues with lasers, then you should discuss spider vein sclerotherapy injections with your vein doctor. You can have all of your difficult veins treated the same day or you can select to have them treated over a period of time. If you have larger varicose veins you and your vein doctor may decide that they need to be surgically removed.

There are numerous vein doctors in your area who are up to date in their laser treatment to remove spider veins procedures and can provide you with information on spider vein prevention. If you are experiencing problems with spider and varicose veins you can find a vein treatment center in your area now. is a leading resource for laser treatment to remove spider veins information. Search for a vein clinic near you today!

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