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Updated on: August 18, 2014
Laser treatment to remove spider veins is way to treat those annoying and unsightly spider veins that seem to appear out of nowhere. For most people spider veins do not pose a medical problem, but people choose to have them treated strictly for aesthetic purposes.

Because of this factor, most spider vein treatments are not covered by insurance. But you should consult your doctor and your insurance agent to see what if any of the spider vein laser treatment cost can be covered.

Laser treatment for spider veins is another option available for outpatient treatment of your spider veins. This procedure utilizes ultrasound technology. A slender laser fiber is gently directed into your vein through a tiny incision and delivers pulsed laser heat to the damaged vein wall.

Endovenous laser or EVLT treatment directly attacks the lumen of the blood vessel, closing off the damaged area and redirecting the flow of blood to other veins in the leg.

EVLT lasts 45 minutes and is done as an outpatient, in most instances right in your doctor's office using a local anesthetic. The energy from the laser attacks the vein walls, shrinking them and closing the defective vein so that the blood cannot flow through it. This eliminates any bulging from the vein right at its source. Once the vein has been treated, the blood from the defective vein is diverted to the normal veins that are in your leg.

Side effects

• Blood clot

• Numbness

• Pain in the knee area, but this usually dissipates quickly


• No scars

• Rapid recovery time

• Most cases immediate relief from your symptoms

• Walking immediately following your procedure is encouraged

• Minor soreness that can be treated with over-the-counter pain relievers

• Minimal bruising

• You can expect long term results is a leading resource for laser treatment to remove spider veins information. Search for a vein clinic near you today!

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