Little Rock Spider Veins

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Most of the physicians who deal with spider veins in the State of Arkansas are located in Little Rock. Spider vein treatment is now being offered at most spas. Hospitals and cosmetic clinics in the city. Spider veins, otherwise known as telangiectasias, are a cosmetic issue with women all over the country. These tiny superficial veins which appear like a "spider with numerous legs" chiefly occur on the legs. Spider veins in general are more common in females, those who are obese and in those with multiple pregnancies. Unfortunately, we do not have a cure for spider veins.

Do spider veins cause any side effects?

No, if you have leg swelling, pain or skin discoloration around the ankles, the cause is not from spider veins. Spider veins are tiny and do not cause any symptoms, except for being unsightly.

What treatments are available for spider veins?

There are two basic treatments for spider veins and most cosmetic physicians in Little Rock offer both these options.

Laser: Laser is fast becoming the treatment of choice for spider veins. There are a variety of lasers available but they all work in a similar way. The laser is pointed at the spider vein and a beam is generated. The heat produced by the laser destroys the spider veins. Using the hand held laser probe, a large area of the leg can rapidly be covered. The laser does sting a little bit. For those who are squeamish about pain, your physician can apply a local anesthetic just prior to the procedure. After the procedure, there is no pain. The skin may have a sun burn appearance for a few days and the skin texture may be rough. However, these are only temporary changes which resolve in 7-10 days. Most individuals requires 2-3 sessions spaced over 4-6 weeks

Sclerotherapy: This older procedure involves the use of an irritant chemical which is injected into the spider vein with a very fine needle. Each spider vein has to be individually treated. So most individuals have to bear multiple tiny needle pricks. After the procedure, a compression bandage must be worn for at least a week. Bruising and skin discoloration are temporary effects of sclerotherapy but do resolve within 2 weeks.

Which is the preferable treatment for spider veins?

This is strictly a matter of preference. Laser is fast and effective with no down time. Sclerotherapy is more time consuming and slightly painful. Laser, however, is more expensive and does not treat the slightly deeper veins as well as sclerotherapy. Neither is a treatment option for varicose veins.

Is there any preparation required before treatment?

No treatment is required before either sclerotherapy of laser treatments. However, individuals who are on blood thinners or have skin infections or those who have uncontrolled diabetes, should stabilize their medical condition first. Most cosmetic physicians in Little Rock will go over each procedure and discuss the best option for you. For those who are pregnant, it is best to wait after the baby is delivered.

What is cost of spider vein treatment in Little Rock?

Spider vein treatments may cost anywhere from $200-400. Some clinics may help you make financial arrangements to help you get your treatment.

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