Lose Spider Veins in a Flash with Intense Pulse Light Therapy

Updated on: August 18, 2014

As you age, developing spider veins, age spots, and broken capillaries is unfortunately part of the process. Just because they are natural, though, does not mean that you are stuck with these unattractive discolorations forever. In fact, today there are more options for dealing with such problems than ever before. One of the fastest and safest ways to get rid of spider veins and similar discolorations is through the use of a revolutionary new technology known as intense pulse light therapy.

Intense pulse light therapy, also known as IPL, is performed using short bursts of intense light. The light is cast broadly, unlike the narrow beam of light emitted during laser treatments. This means that larger areas can be treated quickly and easily, with less damage. The pulsed light works to target spider veins and discolorations deep below the surface of the skin while leaving the outer layer of the skin undamaged.


Intense pulse light therapy can also be used as an overall anti-aging treatment. In addition to treating discolorations, the procedure reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. It also helps to restore the skin's firmness and elasticity. Unlike many other procedures, IPL therapy treatments require absolutely no downtime. Most patients are able to immediately resume their normal daily activities with little to no discomfort. The most commonly experienced side effect is mild redness that generally clears up on its own shortly after the procedure.

There are several intense pulse light therapy systems currently on the market. Each is designed to combat specific problems safely and effectively. IPL treatments are much more affordable than many other procedures, and their simplicity and lack of downtime make them an attractive option for many patients. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, do not hesitate to contact a local intense pulse light therapy provider today.

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