Medical Stockings

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Medical stockings are also known as compression or TED stockings (thromboembolic deterrent stockings). These stockings are now widely used by both in-hospital patients and individuals who want to prevent vein problems. All medical stockings are designed to have a gradient which decreases up the leg. The stockings are tight at the toes and heel and gradually the pressure tapers off. The purpose behind the graded compression is to mimic muscles and squeeze the blood out the veins. The squeezing action helps the blood to circulate more effectively in the leg and prevents the formation of blood clots. Medical stockings also decrease swelling in the feet. The most common indications for medical stockings include:

- Prevention and treatment of varicose veins

- Prevention and treatment of spider veins

- Prevention of deep vein thrombosis

- Treatment of lymphedema

- Treatment of venous ulcers

- Treatment of post phlebitic syndrome

- During long flights

Medical stockings are available in various compression gradients, colors, styles and made by numerous manufacturers. Prescription medical stockings are always more expensive than non prescription stockings. If the gradient in the stockings is adequate, there is no difference between the two types of medical stockings.

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