Mediped Therapeutic Support Hosiery

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Mediped is a manufacturer of a wide variety of support hosiery and orthotic shoes. The support hosiery is specially designed to treat a number of venous disorders and the orthotic shoes are for diabetics.

Mediped hosiery products come in a whole range of styles, designs and sizes. The compression garments also have a range of pressure gradients. Most of the compression hosiery made by Mediped is comfortable and easy to wear.

A recent thrust of Mediped products is the distribution of orthotic shoes for diabetics. These comfortable shoes are available in various sizes.

Mediped hosiery products are available to treat:

- leg swelling

- varicose veins

- spider veins

- deep vein thrombosis

- lymphedema

Unlike other manufacturers, most Mediped products are cheaper than other name brands. The Mediped products are sold from Walgreen stores all over the country.

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