Spider Veins Arcing on Abdomen Problems

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Being a mother is among life's most challenging, yet rewarding, endeavors. It starts with nine months of making sure that you can do all that you can to bring a healthy baby into the world. Some women have easier pregnancies than others, and they sometimes end up with more than just a new baby.

Some new mothers end up with spider veins arcing on abdomen issues. This is something that happens in lieu of stretch marks, which is literally just the skin stretching beyond its capacity. So, why do some women end up with spider veins arcing on abdomen problems during their pregnancy?

The body is full of veins, and some women's skin is more translucent than others. Spider veins acing on abdomen problems tend to happen more on pregnant women with very fair skin. Fair skin generally shows even the slightest imperfection.

During pregnancy, the hormones are changing, and the circulation is changing as well. After all, the female body needs to accommodate itself for two! Spider veins arcing on abdomen problems usually indicate this change in the body's chemistry. Additionally, as the fetus grows, the stomach grows, which can sometimes push against the veins to get this result.

So, what can a pregnant do about these kinds of veins? Generally, nothing can be done until after the baby is born. Sometimes, the veins tend to disappear a few weeks after the pregnancy. However, if the veins show no signs of going away, medicine can be injected to make the veins disappear over time.

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