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Updated on: August 18, 2014

Millions of women are affected by spider veins. These tiny dark superficial veins underneath the skin are a major reason why women go to cosmetic physicians all over Houston. Spider veins with their typical radiating lattice network of finer veins are a common occurrence both on the face and legs. They are most common in obese and pregnant females but may also be seen in individuals who have professions where they stand or sit for prolonged periods. Despite their appearance, spider veins are harmless and do not cause any symptoms.

Are there spider vein treatment centers in Houston?

Definitely yes. Houston like any major city has its share of cosmetic surgeons and physicians who deal with spider veins. Both laser therapy and sclerotherapy are widely available techniques for the treatment of spider veins.

Sclerotherapy: Some individuals elect to undergo sclerotherapy – a procedure which requires chemical injection in each spider vein. The procedure is usually done in an office and may take anywhere from 30-45 minutes, depending on the number of spider veins. Great care is taken not to inject the chemical outside the spider vein. Once completed, the individual has to wear compressing dressings for a week.

Laser: A variety of lasers are available for the treatment of spider veins and all of them perform adequately. The laser probe is held in the hand and the beam is aimed at the spider vein. Multiple spider veins can be treated in a short time. A stinging sensation is felt when the laser is fired. The latest lasers contain a cooling device at the tip so that pain is minimized. Laser therapy is very effective for spider veins and most people who undergo this therapy remain satisfied.

Can spider veins recur?

Yes, recurrence is the Achilles Heel of all spider vein treatments. We have no cure for spider veins. The treated spider veins may not come back but there is no guarantee that new ones will not develop. To prevent spider veins one should:

- wear compression stockings

- walk or exercise regularly

- avoid weight gain

- avoid standing or sitting down for prolonged periods.

What is the cost of spider vein treatment in Houston?

The cost is variable and depends on the number and degree of spider veins. The average cost of treating spider veins in Houston ranges from $200-400 per leg. Laser is slightly more expensive than sclerotherapy. Most individuals require 2-3 sessions of therapy to achieve a cosmetically acceptable result.

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