Unisex Compression Pantyhose

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Unisex compression pantyhose is made by several manufacturers and worn by millions of women. Unisex compression pantyhose is elegantly designed for comfortable wear and attractiveness. The Unisex compression pantyhose can be worn daily for work or during leisure activities. The smooth fabrics used to make Unisex compression pantyhose are soft and hug the body in a sexy way. There are several colors, sizes and styles of Unisex compression pantyhose.

The panty hose all have a cotton patch in the groin to allow for air and prevent moisture build up.

Some of the products have an additional rib binding to let the pantyhose hug the waist line and prevent roll over. While available in various graded pressures, Unisex compression pantyhose with a pressure of 5-15mm Hg is most comfortable for daily wear.

Most of these products are reinforced at the seams to allow for durability. Unisex pantyhose can be worn for simple elegance or to treat various vein disorders.

Today, these products are also available for use in maternity. For longer use, hand washing and air drying is highly recommended.

Cost of Unisex compression pantyhose is variable and ranges anywhere from $ 60 and above.

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