Using Laser and Light Therapy to Eliminate Spider Veins

Updated on: August 18, 2014

In and around White Bear Lake, Minnesota, those suffering from spider veins have found success through innovative and proven treatments at reputable clinics in their area. These facilities often utilize some of the latest technologies in providing relief from this venous condition, such as laser and light therapy. The use of lasers has made its way into the medical field in the past few decades, and has become the standard for many treatments. In treating problem veins, patients have found relief through laser and light therapy and have successfully ridded themselves of often embarrassing spider veins. Some physicians consider laser therapy as the gold standard in removing spider veins.

Laser and light therapy may be used in addition to sclerotherapy to best treat spider veins. This procedure may also be used as an alternative to sclerotherapy. Each patient's case is unique and to determine which treatment may provide them with the best result, they are encouraged to speak with a medical professional at a reputable vein clinic in their area. In seeking treatment, patients are advised to seek a clinic that utilizes some of the latest and most proven technology in the industry, so that their safety and success is given a top priority.

This procedure works by using a light beam that is pulsed onto the vein, which causes them to seal off and eventually dissolve. These pulses are delivered through a hand piece that is passed over the skin and targets the problem veins. The success of this procedure requires the veins to be heated to a certain level so that they may seal off. Patients may be required to go through multiple treatments before optimal results may be realized. A variety of different lasers are used in performing this procedure, each used in conjunction with some form of cooling so that the skin remains as comfortable as possible. Some physicians may use cool gel, air and other methods in achieving this.

A slight tingling sensation may be present during treatment. Patients who feel any degree of pain may receive a topical anesthetic. Following this procedure, patients may notice a reddish appearance of the skin above the vein that was treated. It may take two to three treatments before spider veins disappear and these are often spaced about four to six weeks apart. The number of treatments used may span from two to six treatments, although this depends on the individual patient.

To better understand laser and light therapy, patients are encouraged to speak with a medical professional in the White Bear Lake area. They should discuss the treatment, their candidacy for it, results to be expected and any possible risks or side effects associated with this procedure.

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