Vein Removal

Updated on: August 18, 2014
Are you experiencing problems with spider or varicose veins? Have you been thinking about vein removal and just aren't sure if it's right for you? Not only are varicose and spider veins unsightly, but there can be other related health issues as well. You should consult a vein to doctor to see what treatment and vein removal options are available for you.

Your vein doctor may suggest a procedure called an ambulatory phlebectomy. This procedure is used to remove varicose veins on the surface of the legs and it can be done right in your doctor's office using just a local anesthetic.

The Procedure

Your doctor will make tiny punctures or incisions that the varicose veins can be removed through. The incisions are so tiny that no stitches will be required. One of the nice things about veins is that they are easily collapsible which makes it so that even large veins can be removed through the tiny incisions used in this technique. You will be able to get up and walk right after your procedure.

After your procedure, a compression bandage and/or compression stocking will be applied. Your vein doctor will advice you how long to wear any bandages or hose following your vein removal. Most doctors will recommend that you walk or bike after treatment to reduce the pressure in the veins and increase the flow in the veins which reduces the risk of forming a blood clot.

Side Effects

Unlike most traditional vein stripping, this vein removal application has virtually no scarring or side effects. And because it is done in your doctor's office, with local anesthesia, there is very little down time and normally there are no problems following the procedure. Skin pigmentation at the site of the varicose vein can occur, but this is usually temporary and will disappear.

There are numerous cosmetic surgeons in your area that can help you get rid of your problematic veins and discuss vein removal further with you. If you are experiencing problems with spider or varicose veins you can find a Vein Treatment Center in your area now.

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