Vein Removal: Is it Possible?

Updated on: August 18, 2014

There are many people who encounter various irregularities in their circulatory system. Some of these irregularities are strictly internal, while others produce visible external symptoms, such as problematic veins that protrude from the leg or the face. These circulatory problems can be caused by weight gain, but they can also be caused by various kinds of external pressure, such as exercise.

Regardless of how irregularities such as spider veins and varicose veins originated, it is important to realize when vein removal is, and is not, appropriate. Oftentimes people seek vein removal because of cosmetic reasons, but the truth is that, in the case of leg veins especially, there are some veins that simply are necessary for proper circulation, and are thus not candidates for vein removal.

However, veins in the face are usually considered to be optimal candidates for vein removal, which can be done with lasers. If a person has veins that cannot be removed, lasers can still be of help. Specifically, the heat of the lasers will weaken the walls of the vein, which in turn will cause the vein to collapse back into the leg.

Something else that can be done is sclerotherapy, which are injections of medication directly into the vein in order to heal it. In order to determine which treatment method is best for your particular situation, it is important to have the veins checked by a doctor. It is important to note that regardless of the treatment, it will take several sessions to achieve optimal results.

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