Vein therapy

Updated on: August 18, 2014
If you have been hiding your legs because of bulging, twisting, worm like veins on your legs, there are several vein therapy options available to you that can help you to shed these monstrosities and allow you to show off your beautiful legs once again.

Vein therapy should be based on factors that include:

• Your doctor's recommendation

• The dimension of the vessels to be treated

• Medical history

• Age

• Allergies


• EVLT - this procedure lasts 45 minutes and is done as an outpatient, in most instances right in your doctor's office using a local anesthetic. The energy from the laser attacks the vein walls, shrinking them and closing the defective vein so that the blood cannot flow through it. This eliminates any bulging from the vein right at its source. Once the vein has been treated, the blood from the defective vein is diverted to the normal veins that are in your leg.

• Surgery - this is the old fashioned way of surgical ligation and stripping of the veins. This procedure uses two surgical incisions that allow your surgeon to tie off and literally pull out the damaged vein. This procedure is done under general anesthesia.

• VNUS Closure - this procedure uses a thin catheter which is inserted into your vein through a tiny incision and your surgeon utilizes an ultrasound to guide him or her through the opening. The catheter uses radiofrequency energy to attack the wall of the effected vein. Once the catheter is removed, the treated vein is heated and sealed shut.

• Sclerotherapy - this technique is generally used to treat visible spider veins and small varicose veins near the exterior of the skin. A basic sclerosant is injected into the veins, causing them to reduce in size, close off and ultimately fade away. However, 2-5 applications are often needed, but the results are long-lasting.

You should see immediate results without the complications associated with surgery. Laser varicose vein treatment should take care of your unsightly veins although complimentary therapy may be required in some instances.

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