Veinwave: Using Thermocoagulation to Treat Spider Veins

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Spider veins or telangiectasia may be a cosmetic nuisance for individuals in Glenview, Illinois or other parts of the country. When this condition is a problem, many end up seeking treatment to help find relief from what is in some cases a cosmetic nightmare for many individuals. Veinwave is a procedure that has been used to treat these conditions using thermocoagulation. The procedure is designed to treat tiny veins that may not be treated using sclerotherapy and may run the risk of burning or scarring when laser treatments are used to provide treatment.

What's more, Veinwave may treat veins in various parts of the body including the face. It may also treat veins in the legs, arms, ankles and knees. Adults who are in good overall health are typically considered candidates for Veinwave. Most individuals with thin spider veins or the tangled and thread-like veins that are called telangiectasia and who are interested in a quick procedure that involves no downtime may be considered a good candidate for this procedure. Individuals who are epileptic, have bleeding disorders, have pacemakers or women who are pregnant may not be considered candidates for this procedure.

Perhaps the most appealing benefit of Veinwave is that it is typically performed in less than 15 minutes. Because this treatment may be performed so quickly and with no downtime afterwards, patients are often able to have the procedure performed and then return to work or other normal activities right after the procedure. Virtually no pain is felt during the procedure, as a very fine needle is used to perform the treatment. A tiny, brief pin-prick may be present, however.

There is a minimal risk of scarring with Veinwave, although the risk of scarring with Veinwave is typically much less than that associated with other vein procedures and treatments. Just one treatment is typically needed to provide optimal results, but some individuals may require a few treatments to achieve their goals.

As spider vein treatment is generally considered a cosmetic concern, most insurance companies will not cover the cost of Veinwave. There may be certain cases in which treatment of spider veins may be covered, though, especially when they are present with varicose veins, which are generally considered problematic and of a medical concern. To determine whether your insurance will cover Veinwave, consult a vein specialist in the Glenview area as well as your insurance company.

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