What to Expect After Sclerotherapy

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Sclerotherapy is a venous treatment that has been used to treat many individuals in Turlock, California, the surrounding areas and across the nation. The treatment works by injecting a chemical sclerant into the veins requiring treatment, which irritates the vessel wall, causing it to shrink and collapse so that blood may no longer flow through it. As a result, the vessel becomes hardened and eventually fades away completely, eliminating the unsightly appearance of spider veins.

While spider veins do not cause pain and heaviness in the legs the way varicose veins do, they may be equally as embarrassing and may lead some individuals in Turlock or other areas of the country to feel self-conscious as a result. They may have a central point and jut out in different directions or may take on a number of other shapes or patterns. If you think you may be suffering from spider veins, consult a vein specialist in the area to determine if you are experiencing spider veins or varicose veins, as the recommended treatment may depend on the diagnosis.

For those suffering from spider veins, or even smaller varicose veins in some cases, sclerotherapy has become a common procedure for getting rid of them. The area will be sterilized and the doctor will inject the chemical sclerant into the larger veins followed by the smaller ones. One injection is required for every inch of vein being treated as a general rule. There is usually no pain during this procedure because the needle used is so small and patients typically do not require anesthesia. Patients may experience slight stinging or burning during and right after the injections, but this is usually quick to fade away. About 15 to 30 minutes is usually all that is required to complete sclerotherapy.

After the procedure is complete, a bandage will be applied to the treatment area. The doctor may recommend that patients wear compression stockings for a few days after the treatment, although this may vary. The doctor will give the patient specific recovery instructions and these should be followed by the patient. There are very few side effects that have been associated with sclerotherapy. Minor itching and burning may be present, but should go away on its own quickly. Allergic reaction, infection at the site of injection or other complications that are associated with poor injection technique are rare, but have been associated with sclerotherapy.

Unlike certain treatments and procedures for venous conditions such as spider veins and varicose veins, there is generally no recovery time or downtime required after sclerotherapy. This is one of its major benefits, as patients are usually able to return to work or resume other normal activities immediately after the procedure is performed. Patients are encouraged to check with their doctor to make sure that it is safe to do so, however. Most patients are instructed to avoid strenuous activities for the few days following treatment, but are told to walk regularly.

Patients are often pleased with their results after just one session of sclerotherapy, although some patients may require multiple sessions to reach optimal results. Patients should discuss the number of treatments that they will likely require with a specialist in the Turlock area to help determine the ultimate cost of the treatment.

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