What to Expect with Microphlebectomy

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Knowing what to expect with any kind of treatment can go a long way in putting the mind at ease for those in El Paso, Texas or other parts of the country. For many, the fear of the unknown can trump the fear of the procedure itself, so knowing exactly what to expect is often very helpful. This should involve a thorough discussion with a vein specialist, particularly the one who will be performing the procedure, but learning a bit about a procedure before even speaking with the specialist may be helpful as well.

Varicose veins are a troubling condition for those suffering from them. They may appear bulging from the skin and may take a bluish or purplish color. What's more, varicose veins may even cause pain and heaviness in the legs. This obviously leads many to seek treatment to help overcome this condition, but many try to avoid the surgical procedures designed to provide relief. Thankfully, there are several minimally-invasive options available to those suffering from this condition, and individuals who are interested should explore all of their options. Microphlebectomy is a procedure that involves making tiny incisions, or stabs, through which problem veins may be removed.

The El Paso specialist will first mark the area that is being treated so that he or she knows where to make the incisions, or stabs. The area is then numbed using a local anesthetic so that patient comfort is provided throughout the treatment process. With the treatment area numb, the specialist then makes the tiny incisions along the length of the problem vein. A tiny hook is then used to grab the vein so that it can be effectively removed. A dressing is placed next to the skin once the procedure is complete, and most treatment sessions take about 30 to 45 minutes.

Afterwards, patients may resume their normal activities or return to work right away, but should avoid taking part in any strenuous activities for about a week after the procedure. Walking is recommended, however. Patients may be encouraged to wear compression stockings or dressings for about a week after treatment. Individuals who have just received treatment with microphlebectomy should listen to any recovery instructions given to them by their doctor to help ensure proper healing.

The results from microphlebectomy may be visible shortly after the procedure. Once the initial bruising subsides, the results may become more evident. With just tiny incisions made during this procedure, there is virtually no scarring with microphlebectomy, which to many is an advantage over traditional vein stripping procedures. There are certain risks of which patients should be aware before receiving treatment, however. There may be some mild, temporary discomfort and bruising for a couple of days at the treatment site, and a small number of patients may experience minor injury to the nerves located under the skin around the treatment area. The injured nerves should heal over time, however. Patients should discuss the possible risks with a professional.

Insurance may cover the cost of treatment if it is used as part of a larger medical procedure that is used to treat varicose veins that are of a medical concern. Otherwise, if the procedure is used for cosmetic purposes, insurance may not cover treatment costs. Patients should consult their insurance company and an El Paso vein specialist for further information.

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