What to Know About Compression Stockings

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Individuals suffering from varicose veins in Turlock, California or elsewhere in the country may find that compression stockings are often the first recommended treatment by many vein specialists. Compression stockings do not completely get rid of varicose veins—that requires the removal or destruction of the vein through a medical procedure—but may be effective in reducing symptoms of varicose veins. Patients who are interested in compression stockings as a form of treatment should consult a professional at a local vein clinic to go over their benefits.

For one, compression stockings are often much less expensive than many vein procedures. Many range in price from $50 to $125, although this varies. The over-the-counter options may be the cheapest option, although these may not apply the appropriate level of compression required to obtain relief. Prescription options may be the better bet. This is something to discuss with a Turlock vein specialist, as they will offer their expertise and insight as to whether over-the-counter options or prescription strength compression stockings are necessary. It is important to get compression stockings that are of the appropriate strength, although patients should avoid compression stockings that are too tight. This may lead to difficulty getting them on, although there are devices available to make this process easier.

Compression stockings apply pressure to the legs in a gradient fashion. The pressure is highest around the ankle and gets less and less as it goes up the leg. This works to milk blood back up to the heart. These are designed to reduce any pooling that may occur in the veins to get rid of the pain and heaviness often associated with varicose veins. It also helps to prevent the veins from becoming worse, and helps to reduce the risk of blood clots during a long car ride or airplane trip.

There are different brands of compression stockings available, so choose wisely. Make sure that you choose a pair that you feel comfortable wearing, as many individuals are required to put the stockings on before getting out of bed and take them off once they get in bed that night. Patients should consult a Turlock vein specialist for more information about using compression stockings. Some brands may be more expensive, so be sure to keep this in mind when shopping for a pair of stockings. They often come in different colors and designs.

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