Looking East

We need to look east. To the east lies Europe. I went to speak at the UIP meeting in September. The meeting was east of the U.S., east of Western Europe, in Eastern Europe, in Prague. Upon arrival, my wife and I decided that we weren’t in Kansas anymore…and certainly not in New York. Communist rule ended with the Velvet Uprising of 1989, and they say it takes more than 20 years or so to change a culture. At times, I half expected to hear some “Praguer” call me comrade. It almost appears as though the setting has remained unchanged since then.

In certain aspects, the European experience with venous disease is different than ours. In certain aspects, the European experience with life is different than ours. Our European colleagues march to the beat of a different drum—scientific sessions begin 9 am, the pace is a bit slower and the attitude a little more relaxed. There is actually a lunch hour.

It was a good meeting. Good presentations. Good keynote speakers. Good concurrent sessions. A lot of talk about perforator treatment in early disease (although personally I’m not sure about that one). But all in all, a good experience. I’m glad I was there.

At VEIN Magazine we try to offer some articles that help you look east—articles that discuss topics that may be unfamiliar to you, topics that expose you to another aspect of the vein world. In this issue-we touch on a wide array of timely topics such as social media use, apps for your practice, personal development, wound care and new research. We will keep looking east – or west or north or south—to help our readers gain a global understanding of the vein world.

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