2014 International Vein Congress: International Vein Congress Announces Major Changes on the Horizon to Benefit Members, Advance Meeting

Next generation vein surgery, results-oriented content, and technique-driven live cases are just a few reasons why the International Vein Congress (IVC) is the premier professional meeting for vein specialists.

Held annually in Miami, FL, IVC attracts a diverse audience of more than 500 physician specialists, among them vascular surgeons, general surgeons, interventional cardiologists, interventional radiologists, cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, phlebologists and other physicians, as well as nurses and technologists working in the venous arena.

The 2014 International Vein Congress is slated for April 24-26, 2014, and will be held at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. IVC offers renowned, comprehensive education for both veterans and newcomers wanting to advance in their chosen area of interest. The format includes educational lectures by expert faculty, live and videotaped case demonstrations, panel discussions, and mini-symposia focused on specific topics. The emphasis is on vein treatment using tumescent anesthesia and ultrasound, and other advanced technologies such as iliac vein stenting, and management of thromboembolic disorders. IVC also covers secondary services and additional in-demand procedures. Discussion of business aspects, such as marketing and liability, educate IVC attendees on how to effectively expand their health practices and increase revenues.

The International Vein Congress, headquartered in Miami, FL, has announced its plans for major organizational changes, including advancements that will enhance practices and propel the venous conference into the future. IVC has launched a new website, www.ivcmiami.com, to keep members and the public informed of the impending changes.

Founded in 2003 by Jose I. Almeida, MD, a boardcertified vascular surgeon with the Miami Vein Center in Miami, FL, the IVC is one of the most respected and well-known venous courses in the country. “IVC offers an expert and balanced approach to venous education, and is an important opportunity for today’s vein specialists to further their practices,” said Dr. Almeida, who also serves as IVC’s Course Director. IVC attracts attendees from around the globe, and boasts a growing number of participants. Members include the nation’s leading physicians and specialists in the venous care arena.

Course co-directors are Edward G. Mackay, MD, Vascular Surgeon of St. Petersburg, FL and Lowell S. Kabnick, MD, Vascular Surgeon and Associate Professor of Surgery, New York University School of Medicine as well as Director, NYU Vein Center at New York University Medical Center.

IVC 2014 will offer a 3-day program brimming with clinical updates, controversy, innovation and consensus. A high-level learning CME event, IVC melds together the highest quality education in the treatment of superficial and deep venous disease. IVC covers the hottest topics from sclerotheraphy optimization to managing thrombophilias and discussing the latest in clot busting strategies.

Today, IVC leaders are hinting at exciting changes to come in 2014. Under new management, International Conference Management, and in partnership with a leading healthcare marketing agency, Paramount MD, IVC plans to launch an aggressive campaign to build greater awareness and to better educate and engage the venous community.

IVC leaders are focusing their plans on creating more value for the loyal IVC membership. They aim to redefine the renowned venous conference by implementing innovative new ideas in content communication, including a platform that gives members a voice. These novel strategies will not only raise the bar for the IVC membership as a whole, but will also accelerate the success of members’ health practices.

In addition to the annual International Vein Congress, IVC-DR offers hands-on training in the Dominican Republic for physicians interested in a venous masters course. During the three and a half-day program, participants will perform endovenous ablation, ambulatory phlebectomy, sclerotherapy, venous ultrasound, iliac vein stenting, ovarian vein embolization, and didactic lectures.