The VEINS conference distinguishes itself from other venous meetings in its vascular medicine and thrombosis components. VEINS (Venous E ndovascular Interventional Strategies) is an established group comprised of experts in the field whose common and primary aim is to provide a “how-to” meeting for those who are interested in advancing their knowledge and skills in venous interventions, and whose ultimate goal is developing their own comprehensive venous interventional program. Similar to last year’s meeting, we will continue the fastpaced lectures, followed by cases discussed by our faculty panel of national experts. This year, we will invite fellows in training to submit cases for presentation consideration. We believe this is a great opportunity for fellows in training, and will be an important experience for their career growth.

The VEINS conference is an appropriate educational program for any vascular specialist of any level. Cardiologists, vascular medicine specialists, vascular surgeons, cardiothoracic surgeons, interventional radiologists, wound care physicians, fellows in training, vascular sonographers, cath lab technologists, vascular nurses and wound care nurses are all welcome. We take pride in covering the most basic to advanced topics. We will once again be including the popular VEINS 101 component this year to allow attendees to get basic knowledge of venous disease, while those who attended in previous years may join us for the main scientific sessions.

Partnership with CRF

This year, the VEINS conference is working in collaboration with the Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF), which organizes the world’s largest interventional cardiology meeting, Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT). CRF’s medical meeting management experience will help bring the VEINS conference to a new level. CRF will be managing the conference logistics and providing support with industry relations. Additionally, presentations delivered at the VEINS conference will be made available on CRF’s educational website, TCTMD, after the conference’s completion.

RPVI Review Course

Also new for this year, the VEINS conference will include a Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation (RPVI) review course. Most CMS administrators now require Intersocietal Accreditation Council (IAC) accreditation of vascular labs for Medicare Part A and/or Part B reimbursements. The IAC requires the RPVI credential for the medical directors of vascular labs. Duplex ultrasound is integral in the management of venous disease. It is impossible to care for our patients without adequate ultrasound skills. Based upon popular demand from previous years’ audiences, we have created a half-day symposium designed to be an RPVI review course. We have collaborated with Dr. Heather Gornik, a nationally renowned vascular medicine and ultrasound specialist, to develop the curriculum for this course.

The Comprehensive Wound Care Symposium

Approximately 80% of lower extremity wounds are venous in etiology. There is limited understanding of venous disease by wound experts, and vice versa. The Comprehensive Wound Care Symposium is intended to demystify some of these unknowns for each constituent.

Live Duplex Scanning

The VEINS conference will include live duplex scanning as part of one session in the main arena. We will discuss cases in a real-world clinical setting, and engage the faculty to discuss and debate various treatment options.

Keynote speakers

This year’s keynote speakers include Professor Alexander G. Turpie, MD, and Dr. Seshadri Raju. Professor Turpie (McMaster University) has authored more than 700 articles and book chapters on thrombosis. Dr. Raju, a world renowned vascular surgeon, pioneered contemporary endovenous treatments and has published extensively in this area.

Join us in Chicago for an educational experience you won’t soon forget!

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