Asking the Question

In my career, one of the most difficult life lessons I have learned came from being too afraid to ask the question, “How am I doing?” Some don’t think asking the question is that important. Some avoid it like the plague.

Asking the question can be scary. Asking the question opens you up for all sorts of answers, and most of us worry about what the answers might be. When you view the answers as your enemy, asking the question becomes something to avoid, rather than a tool you can use to help build a foundation for greatness.

Too often, we move along our paths with our heads down and our eyes on the prize, not considering how our interactions affect those around us. I walk the halls at the events you attend. I sit in on the sessions and I hunt down those people that I feel have something more to say to our audience. I work closely with my liaisons in the field, my advisors – my soldiers – who give me fantastic story leads and ideas for the magazine. I listen and now it’s time to ask the question:

How are we doing?

VEIN Magazine has grown into a publication that provides solid, thought-provoking content on the industry and one that I am extremely proud to work on. And having learned my lesson about avoiding the question in the past, I plan to use your answers to help build upon our existing foundation and continue striving for greatness.

But asking the question warrants a response. I need to hear back from you in order to make this work. We need to know, from you, what kinds of information you want to hear from us. As practitioners and key staff, your input is priceless. You know your business best, and you know where you feel your practice needs help. We need to know what tools we can give to you through our content in areas like Practice Management, Tips and Techniques, Education, Vendor Roundtables, Industry Spotlight and News and New Products. Or maybe you have an idea for an article or news you would like to share. Help us help you. Send comments and article suggestions to me and please take our survey at

Tell us more about your practice so that we may better serve you through targeted editorial content, aimed to help you as you build your foundation and strive for greatness. Now … Have you asked the question?

Cheers and Happy 2012!
Jana Acciacca
[email protected]