Juzo: Manufacturing Quality Compression Garments to Keep Patients Moving

Business is personal for the leading medical compression garment manufacturer Juzo. Since its inception in 1912, Juzo has led its industry in creating high quality products for patients of all ages to help manage the symptoms of many chronic conditions affecting circulation – including venous disease and lymphedema. Patients, physicians and Juzo retailers around the world have come to trust Juzo as the leader in compression therapy and vascular health.

“Our guiding philosophy at Juzo is that medical garments should not inhibit a person’s lifestyle,” says Annerose Zorn, president and CEO of Juzo USA. “Our products offer patients freedom in motion, and in turn, the freedom to maintain their active lifestyle.”

Meet the Juzo Family

Zorn’s great-grandfather, Julius Zorn, founded the company in Zeulenroda (Thuringia), the elastic stockings capital at the time. He revolutionized the manufacturing process by introducing new knitting techniques in 1919. In only a matter of a few years, the company had earned its reputation for first-class quality. Juzo began exporting its compression products around the world in the 1930s. In 1948, Zorn’s parents, Hans-Julius and Rosemarie, established a new Juzo factory in Aichach/Bavaria.

Zorn has led the company’s U.S. headquarters in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, since the 1980s. Like the generations preceding her, she has protected the integrity of the family’s business. Her daughter, Petra, is the vice-president, and son, Walter, serves as vice-president of operations. Juzo’s employees (more than 800 worldwide) are more like extended family to the company – many have tenure of more than 20 years.

“We all share a passion of making products of the highest quality to help improve people’s lives. If a stocking sits in a drawer – because it’s not comfortable to wear – it’s not going to help anyone,” Zorn says.

Juzo is also committed to the environment. The facility in Ohio, which manufactures more than 90 percent of its products, utilizes windmills and solar panels for power.

Compression stockings are essential to the process of helping patients regain confidence physically through the relief of symptomatic pain and psychologically through improvement of appearance.

The Juzo Solution to Patient Compliance Challenges

Juzo is a long-standing supporter of the American College of Phlebology and American Venous Symposium. As part of its manufacturing process, the company constantly gathers feedback from medical professionals and patients. Through strong relationships within the medical community, Juzo created standards that each garment must adhere to: comfort, ease of use, aesthetically pleasing and therapeutic effectiveness.

"In my practice, I routinely see patients who have not received appropriate care for years,” says Cindy Asbjornsen, M.D., Vein Healthcare Center. “Some have had bad experiences with poor fitting stockings that have actually worsened their symptoms. It’s remarkable to see the transformation once they are fitted in a high quality, properly-fitted stocking.”

Patient compliance is one of medical professionals’ biggest challenges in treating patients with a vein disease. Primary care providers have found that the more comfortable a compression garment is, the easier it is to use and the better it looks, the more likely patients are to wear them – which improves the overall patient experience. Juzo products are designed to meet the factors that a patient expects for excellence in customer satisfaction.

"Patients are often hesitant when I prescribe them compression hose because they have preconceived notions about unattractiveness and uncomfortable fit. However, once they try Juzo, those hesitations disappear,” says Sarah E. Abraham, PA-C, Vein Institute of Pittsburgh. “Women love the way Juzo compression hose look like tights or leggings. Plus, they come in a variety of colors. Juzo compression is not your grandma's compression hose! They look like everyday fashion."

Juzo Compression Socks and Hosiery pair function with fashion. The company’s graduated compression garments are available in multiple compression ranges to satisfy medical wellness needs and a variety of colors - including tie-dye options - to match anyone’s personal style. Working with designers in New York City, Juzo incorporates seasonal and on-trend colors into its product lines. Whether it’s a stocking in a matching skin tone for everyday wear or a statement color for a special occasion, Juzo has products available to complement any wardrobe.

Compression therapy garments are designed and manufactured differently, and Juzo has been a pioneer of new technologies for more than 100 years. Juzo products have features that ensure a positive, comfortable wearing experience with differentiating features including:

  • Latex-Free fibers to add comfort and eliminate Latex allergic reactions
  • Exclusive FiberSoft™ process that wraps each compression fiber with soft, protective threads which lift the compression fiber off the skin and increase the garments durability and comfort
  • Aesthetics to match skin tones, personal style and seasonal fashion trends
  • Tested and true graduated compression, which starts at the ankle and decreases as it rises up the leg
  • Easy to slip on and off; machine wash and dry

"We like the durability and effectiveness of Juzo products, as well as the variety of available sizes, lengths and colors,” says Terri Morrison RN, Morrison Vein Institute. “Juzo’s commitment to quality and comfort for the benefit of our patients is obvious in the products. They were the first company to introduce color stockings in the U.S., and our patients love them.”

Better patient outcomes also can benefit clinics and practices. “We’ve heard from several physicians that their patients are happy with their results, and our garments extend the positive experience after treatment. This helps improve patient retention, generate referrals and differentiate them from competitors,” says Petra Zorn.

The Juzo Difference

Juzo’s investment in technology, quality of materials and attention to the detailed needs of patients and providers makes all the difference compared to other compression garment manufacturers. The company also has developed educational courses to provide fitters and medical professionals with the opportunity to learn more about compression, how to properly fit a patient and the products that are most beneficial for a variety of conditions.

A true patient advocate, the company focuses its efforts on improving the lives of those affected by chronic illnesses and keeping them moving. In fact, its annual Keep Moving campaign celebrates the many ways patients have “kept moving toward a better life” through the aid of Juzo compression garments.

“My father had spine scoliosis and fully understood how the lack of mobility could hinder quality of life. We’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible products available,” Zorn says. “Ultimately, we’re in the business of helping to revitalize and restore people’s lives.”

Juzo takes business personally – and thousands of people have benefitted from that approach.

For providers treating vein diseases, the last part of treatment is prescribing a compression stocking and a quality compression garment from Juzo can help improve the overall experience.

To learn more about Juzo, visit Juzousa.com.