News And New Releases - Spring 2011

The American Board of Phlebology Announces Exam Dates for 2012

RESTON, VA –The American Board of Phlebology will open their 5th phlebology exam cycle beginning in the fall of 2011. Applications will be processed starting in October, 2011, and all are to be submitted online at Prior to this date, applications will be accepted but will not be reviewed or processed until the start of the application review period. The application submission deadline is February 10, 2012.

The computer-based exam will be given electronically between April 14 and April 28, 2012. Previously, the exam was only available during a one-week window. In response to comments from applicants, the timeframe has been expanded to allow more physicians to fit this important exam into their schedules. Those who successfully pass the exam next April will be recognized as official ABPh diplomates and will join the group of 500 physicians who have already achieved certification during the first four exam cycles.

To become an ABPh diplomate, an applicant must complete the requisite training or experience qualifications, meet the continuing medical education requisites, and pass a stringent certification examination. Certification periods are ten years and maintenance is dependent upon the ability of the Diplomate to display competency in four areas of assessment: evidence of professional standing, evidence of commitment to lifelong-learning and periodic selfassessment, evidence of cognitive expertise, and evaluation of performance in practice.

For more information, call (703) 234-4077 or visit

Fort Myers Based Electronic Medical Records Company Achieves Government Certification

FT. MYERS, FL – EMRgence LLC. announced today that its VeinSpec EMR, version 1.9.1, is 2011/2012 compliant and was certified as a modular EHR on January 27, 2011 by INFOGARD. INFOGARD is a testing center authorized by ONC-ATCB, in accordance with the applicable ELIGIBLE PROVIDER certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. The 2011/2012 criteria support the Stage 1 meaningful use measures required to qualify eligible providers and hospitals for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

“With ONC-ATCB certification, we are well positioned to capitalize on anticipated momentum in the EMR market,” said EMRgence CTO Kevin Park. “VeinSpec EMR clients are assured that they have an ambulatory EHR solution that meets or exceeds the government’s ‘Meaningful Use’ requirements for the first stage of the stimulus incentive program. Further, we believe this certification provides a level of confidence that the VeinSpec EMR solution is on a pathway toward compliance for future stages of Meaningful Use.”

The ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification program tests and certifies that EHRs meet all of the 2011/2012 criteria and EHR Modules meet one or more – but not all – of the criteria approved by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) for either eligible provider or hospital technology.

VeinSpec EMR, version 1.9.1, certification number is IG- 2420-11-0004. ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification conferred by INFOGARD does not represent an endorsement of the certified EHR technology by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services nor does it guarantee the receipt of incentive payments.

For more information, please call 866-890-6383 or visit

Venous Health Systems Receives FDA Clearance to Commercialize Fully Portable Pneumatic Compression System

PORTOLA VALLEY, CA – Venous Health Systems, Inc. announced that it has received 510(k) clearance from the Food & Drug Administration to market the Vasculaire™ Compression System in the United States.

The Vasculaire Compression System is a portable pneumatic device for treating vascular insufficiency. It features an innovative platform technology comprised of a fully-portable pneumatic controller attached to a patented multi-cell compression sleeve. When the compression sleeve is placed on the patient’s calf and foot and the controller is activated, the cells promote circulation with a sequential rapid inflation wave-like motion. The increase in venous velocity achieved using the Vasculaire Compression System tests well within the range of values reported by the market-leading sequential pneumatic compression system. Without air lines or power cords, the Vasculaire Compression System represents a long-awaited solution for the hospital, extended care facility, and home markets.

“The Vasculaire Compression System is unique because it delivers performance in a palm-sized unit directly attached to the patient’s calf sleeve,” says Richard A. Lotti, President and CEO of Venous Health Systems. “Unlike other pneumatic compression devices which can weigh up to 12 lbs, the Vasculaire Compression System weighs less than 1 lb, thereby enabling patient mobility and potentially leading to increased patient compliance.”

Please call 650-851-0091, email [email protected] or visit for more information.

Varicose Vein Consulting Presents at IVC 2011, Announces Spring Lecture Schedule

DAYTON, OH – Varicose Vein Consulting founder, Kandy Hammond offers medical professionals and practitioners an opportunity to enhance their medical services to the public through her integrated clinical and business system. Her enthusiastic approach to patient care, combined with creating a seamless business model within the clinical environment, highlights her VVC 2-day training programs. In addition to her success-oriented collaborations, she also provides ongoing clinical updates and supportive follow-up after the completion of the initial VVC training program.

Kandy is currently Vice President and Clinical Director with Midwest Vein and Laser Center. Collaborating with and assisting internationally esteemed surgeon and innovative specialist Dr. Ronald Bush, makes her a desirable consultant to others in the growing field of vein treatment and laser surgery. Since 2006 she has been President of Varicose Vein Consulting and Clinical Director of Vein Affiliates, an organization of over 75 surgeons specializing in the treatment of venous disease. As a national consultant and educator she has also provided training for Dornier Med Tech and Sciton; training physicians and nurses in laser therapy and pulsed light therapy.

Kandy will be speaking for the 8th straight year at the International Vein Congress in Miami, FL on May 12th-14th, at the Fontainebleau Hotel ( VVC will hold its next lecture in Houston, TX on May 21st at the Sheraton Suites near the Galleria. This lecture will be held from 9AM-2PM and is free of charge to qualified attendees. Topics discussed include treating varicose and spider veins, making a successful vein practice and billing & coding of a vein practice. Please contact Jeff Williams at [email protected] or Kandy Hammond at [email protected] to register. For more information or to see the full lecture schedule, please visit or call 937-524-7464.

BioMedix™ Relocates Corporate Headquarters to Downtown Saint Paul

ST. PAUL, MN — BioMedix™, a leader in providing integrated medical diagnostic hardware, Health Information Technology (HIT) software and advanced web-based services, has announced that it has relocated its corporate headquarters. The company has moved to 178 East Ninth Street, a 24,000-
square-foot, three-story building near Wacouta Commons in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The move brings BioMedix™ home office operations to a more spacious downtown location. The company’s need to support a growing client base has been a contributing factor; since the addition of TRAKnet™ DPM in 2009, BioMedix™ Customer Service and Implementations departments have expanded out of necessity to support the flourishing product. The BioMedix™ PADnet™ vascular testing device continues to thrive, with over 375,000 patient tests completed to date. The BioMedix™ vascular program solution for hospitals, PADnet™ DMS 2.0, has been newly updated and is also presenting exciting growth.

“We are looking forward to expanding into our new space, as it will help us to support our customers with the best service,” Meg Heim, VP of Marketing for BioMedix™ said, “We are excited about the energy and the atmosphere that downtown St. Paul offers. The move will also bring us closer to our state capitol, a significant location in terms of healthcare legislation and reform action.”

For more information about BioMedix™, please call 877-854-0014 or visit

DVT Prevention Advocate SIGVARIS Launches Sheerest Medical Compression Stockings

PEACHTREE CITY, GA – The fashionable EverSheer product line from SIGVARIS is now available in a medically measured 15-20mmHg compression level to meet the demands of women that wanta sheer look year-round.

EverSheer delivers consistent sheerness from ankle to thigh and is available in several easy-to-wear styles including kneehighs, thigh-highs and pantyhose. Select shades are also available in open-toe styles for fashionable wear with spring and summer shoes.

“The EverSheer product has been one of the most popular premium products SIGVARIS has ever launched,” says Jonas Thelin, marketing director for SIGVARIS North America. “Now, women who need a lighter strength of compression will be able to experience all the benefits of wearing a medically measured garment.”

SIGVARIS EverSheer offers a stylish hosiery option for women’s every day wear and may be used as a maintenance therapy option after recovery from a vein procedure. EverSheer combines all-day softness with comfort leaving women with a soft fabric against their skin. The EverSheer line is available in Nightshade, Natural, Suntan, Black, Dark Navy and Mocha shades.

EverSheer provides excellent breathability and moisture management, making it the perfect product to wear yearround for work, dress-up or travel. For style savvy women, SIGVARIS EverSheer Compression Hosiery is the most fashionable hosiery of its kind available.

SIGVARIS is a committed DVT prevention advocate. In addition to medical products, SIGVARIS also manufactures lifestyle and sports products based on its expertise in graduated compression therapy.

AngioJet® SolentTM Proxi Thrombectomy Catheter from MEDRAD

INDIANOLA, PA – MEDRAD Interventional announces the availability of the Solent Proxi thrombectomy catheter, designed for large, difficult-to-remove thrombus like that found in DVT. The Solent Proxi joins the growing portfolio of specialized thrombectomy devices available in the AngioJet Ultra System. In response to requests from interventionalists, the Solent Proxi catheter offers the highest clot-removing power in the AngioJet range and is the first to allow swapping of guide-wires from the proximal end during the procedure. A second access port with stop cock has been added to the catheter’s hub to facilitate in situ contrast injection.

The Solent Proxi catheter is also constructed with a flexible, polymer-clad spiral shaft and hydrophilic coating on the distal section to improve handling compared to earlier designs. The Solent Proxi catheter is enabled for Power-Pulse Delivery, allowing it to be used to power-infuse lytic into the thrombus. And like all AngioJet thrombectomy catheters, the Solent Proxi catheter is based on the AngioJet Cross-stream® technology—utilizing high-speed saline jets contained inside the catheter tip to create a powerful low-pressure zone that entrains and removes clot.

For more information, please contact MEDRAD at 800-633-7231, email [email protected] or visit for more information.

Handyscope by FotoFinder – The first and original digital dermatoscope for the iPhone COLUMBIA, MD – FotoFinder Systems, the world-wide leading manufacturer of digital imaging systems, has released handyscope, the first digital dermatoscope for the iPhone, handyscope brings skin cancer detection to a new level.

Doctors can easily evaluate moles on-screen and send the photos securely to their computer or to a colleague. This is the first time doctors of different specialties are able to team up to fight skin cancer. The affordable price and the ease of use make it a perfect addition for every doctor’s office and a major improvement in the early detection of skin cancer.

For more information, please call FotoFinder Systems, Inc. at 888-501- 0805 or visit or

Portable Medical Devices, LLC Announces the CO2mmander® Medical-Grade Portable CO2 Delivery System Release and Availability

FT. MYERS, FL – Portable Medical Devices, LLC, announces availability of the “CO2mmander®” Portable Medical-Grade CO2 Delivery System, enabling physicians to take advantage of the safety and efficacy of medical-grade CO2 and CO2/O2 with total portability.

The CO2mmander® device is a convenient, reliable and cost-effective electronic, hand-held system that delivers medical-grade gas from disposable cartridges at the touch of a finger. The CO2mmander® device provides safe delivery of CO2 or CO2/O2 for general medical use. It is intended to be used by health care professionals in hospital or medical office settings.

The device uses disposable, medical-grade gas cartridges (sold separately). It requires no external power and is totally self-contained. This eliminates the need for large tank refills and delivery of potentially dangerous oversized tanks.

The availability of the CO2mmander® and diminished complication of the use of carbon dioxide in numerous medical procedures has spurred PMDA to further drive the CO2mmander® distribution. Medical grade CO2 is now available to medical offices.

For more information, please call 239-731-6200, email [email protected] or visit

CareCredit’s® Convenient Patient Payment Plans Help Manage Higher Out-Of-Pocket Costs

COSTA MESA, CA — With trends in reimbursement widening the gap between insurance coverage and the cost of care, patients seeking treatment today are facing higher out-ofpocket costs from co-pays, coinsurance, and deductibles. In fact, a recent Employer Health Benefits Survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation revealed a thirty percent increase in the average family deductible for PPO plans within just two years.

To help patients manage self-pay portions, many practices are expanding their payment options to include CareCredit® Patient Payment Plans. With CareCredit, practices can provide patients with a full range of convenient payment plans that fit their monthly budget including popular No Interest* Payment Plans (If paid within the promotional period. Minimum monthly payments required). In addition to increasing treatment acceptance, offering CareCredit helps improve compliance and retention by giving patients a revolving line of credit that they can use for follow-up treatment or additional care. Practices offering CareCredit receive immediate payment within two business days, reducing their billing and A/R costs while improving cash flow.

A GE Money Company, and the nation’s leading provider of patient financing, CareCredit has helped more than 7 million patients get care and is offered in over 140,000 healthcare practices nationwide. For more information on how to increase treatment acceptance and patient retention with CareCredit, call 800-300-3046, ext. 4519 or visit

Total Vein™ Expands Its ThermaLite™ Line of Laser Systems

HOUSTON, TX – Total Vein Systems™ has recently expanded its ThermaLite™ line of laser systems with a series of multi-specialty, maintenance free diode laser systems. ThermaLite ™ lasers have a multitude of applications: spider & facial veins, cutaneous skin lesions, numerous general and vascular surgical applications and the very popular laser lipolysis.

“I have been performing laser assisted lipolysis for over five years and have utilized all other systems on the market. I now own four ThermaLite™ units, two 14W and two 30W, and find the ThermaLite™ to achieve superior results with skin contraction and contouring when treating the face, abdomen, chest, flanks, thighs, buttocks and back,” stated Boris Bergus, MD of B&B Cosmetic Surgery Centers in Southborough, Mass.

“Over the past year we have received numerous calls from physicians interested in getting the advanced 1470 technology in various configurations. We are pleased to offer the ThermaLite™ 1470 with either 14 or 30 watts and the ThermaLite™ II dual wavelength system; combining the 1470 wavelength with either a 532 or 940 diode. Both ThermaLite™ II systems come complete with a set of three hand pieces in 0.5, 1 and 3 mm diameter spot sizes. In addition, we now have the ThermaLite™ Nano, making 1470 technology more affordable and portable. The Nano is a 7 watt unit that weighs less than 10 pounds,” stated General Manager, David Centanni.

For more information, call Total Vein™ at 888-868-8346 or visit

Veinlite®LEDX – TransLite introduces a new portable vein imager optimized for Sclerotherapy

SUGAR LAND, TX - TransLite’s newest Veinlite is the most powerful, portable LED transilluminator yet. Appropriately named Veinlite LEDX, it has 32 dual color LEDs arranged around a 30mm diameter ring with an 18mm opening for access. In addition to having a larger ring, wider opening and 50% more LEDs than the original Veinlite LED, the colors of the lights in the LEDX model are optimized for sclerotherapy. The LEDX model has 24 patented orange LEDs with the perfect wavelength of light for highlighting superficial veins. The 8 red LEDs emit light with a longer wavelength which penetrates deeper, allowing visualization of feeder veins. Vascular surgeon Dr. Rüdiger Damisch writes, ‘this new device LEDX is perfect doing sclerotherapy on veins with better contrast than any other device.’ Veinlite LEDX is powered by a rechargeable battery and costs $599. It comes in a kit with disposable plastic covers to prevent cross contamination between patients, adapters and a medical grade charger with a long power cord also allowing the device to be used plugged into a power outlet.

For more information on the Veinlite LEDX or any Veinlite model, call 281-240-3111, e-mail [email protected] or visit

Soothing, Stylish Man’Support Cotton Support Sock Available From Gloria Med USA

PASADENA, CA – Gloria Med Group has released its Man’Support Cotton Men’s Trouser Sock, available through Gloria Med USA. Man’Support socks are available in 15-20 mmHg compression in black, white, blue, brown, dark grey and bordeaux.

This high quality men’s sock is composed of cotton, polymide and elastin, which makes it breathable, comfortable and durable enough to wear from a work day into the night. Man’Support is conveniently sized by American and European shoe size.

Gloria Med Group has been manufacturing premium quality compression stockings since 1926 and is celebrating its 85th Birthday! Join Gloria Med USA at the IVC in Miami at Booth 220, May 12-14th to celebrate with us. We look forward to seeing you.

For more information, contact Gloria Med USA at 877-390-5347 by phone, 626-398-5347 by fax or email [email protected]. For more information, visit www.gloria

CircAid Announces Coded, Covered & Published Fee Schedule for Juxta-Lite

HCPCS Code: A6545 - Gradient compression wrap, non-elastic, below knee 30-50 mmHg, each

As of September 1, 2010 CircAid Medical’s Juxta-Lite product was code verified by the Medicare PDAC under the HCPCS code A6 545. This code is a part of the Surgical Dressing Medicare Local Coverage Determination (LCD) and related policy article. It is covered by Medicare Part B (DMEPOS) when used for the treatment of an open venous ulcer.

Effective January 1, 2010, the published fee schedule for HCPCS code A6 545 when billed with the AW modifier is $89.36 for all states. The fee schedule can be found on the PDAC website. (

Summary of Billing Instructions from the Article for Surgical Dressings Policy Article – January 2010: When the compression wrap code A6 545 is used for an open venous stasis ulcer, the code must be billed with the AW modifier (but not an A1-A9 modifier). The RT (right) and/or LT (left) modifiers must be used with code A6 545. When the same code for bilateral items (left and right) is billed on the same date of service, bill both items on the same claim line using RTLT modifiers and 2 units of service. Claims billed without modifiers RT and/or LT will be rejected as incorrect coding.

Coverage of compression wrap (A6 545) is limited to one compression wrap per six months per leg. If you have any questions related to reimbursement, you may contact CircAid Medical with any questions at 800-247-2243 or email [email protected]. Please note that this communication is not intended to provide Medicare billing advice. Medicare billing questions should be directed to your Medicare Administrative Contractor or CMS.

For more information call 800- CIRCAID (247-2243) or visit

Vascular Solutions Introduces Disposable Vein Hook

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Vascular Solutions, Inc. announces the availability of its new Disposable Vein Hook, providing a safe, quick and easy way to perform a phlebectomy procedure using completely disposable components.

The Disposable Vein Hook consists of a plastic handle with a blade and safety guard on one end, and a hook on
the opposite end, allowing a physician to quickly perform a phlebectomy procedure by making the incision with the blade end and then turning the device around and using
he hook end to remove the varicosity. The Disposable Vein Hook has an ergonomic, comfortable and familiar tactile feel, and is intended for single patient use for the treatment of superficial varicose veins and varicosities associated with superficial reflux and incompetence of the great saphenous vein in the lower extremities.

The sterile, single-use Disposable Vein Hook is available in the United States exclusively through Vascular Solutions’ direct sales force, and is offered along with a Disposable Hemostat Pack and Phlebectomy Procedure pack, thereby eliminating the need and expense of an autoclave system.

For more information, please call 763-656-4300, or visit

Terason Makes it Easy for MSK Ultrasound to get FIT

BURLINGTON, MA – Terason is transforming the way Musculoskeletal Ultrasound is performed with the new Terason t3200™ Ultrasound System – the first fullyfunctional, portable ultrasound system designed specifically for the MSK professional.

The t3200 MSK Series is the first in a family of Terason systems with a new wave of advancements in groundbreaking technology. FIT, exclusively from Terason, provides Flexible Imaging Technology using innovative new features to produce high quality images and simplify the ultrasound exam. All new X-Site™ Probes and DDR™ provide top-notch image quality in both superficial and deeper targets to further enhance clinical confidence. A re-designed intuitive interface, with simplified anatomyspecific exam measurements and annotations, will increase productivity and patient throughput.

Terason will also be the featured ultrasound system at the International Vein Congress in Miami, May 12-14, 2011. Dr. Almeida has chosen the Terason t3000 Ultrasound system to showcase at the general session on Thursday, in addition to a live case feed from Dr. Almeida’s office on Friday. Terason will be at booth 218 at the IVC.

For more information, please call 866-837-2766 or visit