Director's Note

Medical Director Letter: MacGuffin and The Junkman

I HATE TO ADMIT it, but I never heard of MacGuffin until recently. How did he elude me all these years? MacGuffin has been around for close to 100 years. Kind of old, but MacGuffin still influences us. For me, he recently...Continue Reading

Morbidly Gleeful and Gleefully Morbid

"It’s good to see you. It’s good to see anybody,” says Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, age 76, in the Martin Scorsese documentary Shine a Light. Richards should be dead many times. He has tried mos...Continue Reading

Let Me Forget about Today until Tomorrow

By. Dr. Steve Elias Remember when life was simple? There were so many things you had to do. Every day. Maybe that is what Henry David Thoreau was thinking when he hunkered down at Walden Pond in 1845. His own elective se...Continue Reading

Waves of Education: Riding the Next Crest of Phlebology

Duke Kahanamoku knew. Kelly Slater knows. And some young Hawaiian surfer would like to know…how to ride big waves. Phlebology has had three big waves. Maybe not as exciting as Big Wave Riding in Hawaii, but the Ph...Continue Reading

One Hundred Percent, One Hundred Percent of the Time or Why Am I Sitting in the Hot Sun Listening to This

Mid July, 95 degrees, West Point Military Academy. Army Lacrosse coach Joe Alberici screams, or shall I say “communicates” in the Army manner, the words, “A tough guy gives one hundred percent, one hundr...Continue Reading

That Guy

Most of us had mentors who influenced us early on in our medical education- -the key person, or maybe persons, who started us on the path we took. Medicine, in the past, was much more like an apprenticeship. You found &ld...Continue Reading

Long Pants: Short Story

Sit at the airport. Observe. Why do so many people – men and women – wear their pants too long? I’m not talking about “stylish” young men whose problem with long pants begins at their waist (...Continue Reading

Looking for Ruiz

There is some guy in NYC with the last name Ruiz. Actually, there are probably a fair number of people in NYC with the last name Ruiz. But the Ruiz who I am looking for works for the NYPD Traffic Patrol. He works the area...Continue Reading

The Discovery of God

Last summer scientists discovered God. He was found in Cern, Switzerland. One would have suspected that God would be found in Switzerland, a small, quiet, unassuming country. God is not a show-off. His ego is quite intact...Continue Reading

In Search of The Right Life

I am in Brooklyn walking through an old, beautifully designed bank with my two sons, Jeremy and Sam. It is the kind of bank that is architecturally so interesting with columns, mosaics, gilded ceilings and the character o...Continue Reading