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Wormless Solipsism

A NY Times article that used words like "wormless" and "solipsism", sparked an idea about relatability. Here's how the Spring issue of VEIN is pushing that concept to the limit.

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Terror, Terroir

I am trying to avoid dying while driving around in a bulletproof car avoiding mosquitoes and admiring bad graffiti. I have never experienced this trifecta of terror or terroir.

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Forbidden Taboos: Senseless Oxymorons

In this issue of VEIN Magazine we do you a lot of favors by bringing information from both national and international sources.

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One Hundred Percent, One Hundred Percent of the Time or Why Am I Sitting in the Hot Sun Listening to This

Mid July, 95 degrees, West Point Military Academy. Army Lacrosse coach Joe Alberici screams, or shall I say “communicates” in the Army manner, the words, “A tough guy gives one hundred percent, one hundred percent of the time. Are you a tough guy?” What the hell was this guy talking about? ...

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Long Pants: Short Story

Sit at the airport. Observe. Why do so many people – men and women – wear their pants too long? I’m not talking about “stylish” young men whose problem with long pants begins at their waist (where the “waist” begins somewhere between their hips and mid high.) No, I’m talking about th ...

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That Guy

Most of us had mentors who influenced us early on in our medical education- -the key person, or maybe persons, who started us on the path we took. Medicine, in the past, was much more like an apprenticeship. You found “that guy” that you wanted to be like and you learned from him, ultimately put ...

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Looking for Ruiz

There is some guy in NYC with the last name Ruiz. Actually, there are probably a fair number of people in NYC with the last name Ruiz. But the Ruiz who I am looking for works for the NYPD Traffic Patrol. He works the area around NY Presbyterian Hospital. He definitely works on Tuesdays and Wednesday ...

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The Discovery of God

Last summer scientists discovered God. He was found in Cern, Switzerland. One would have suspected that God would be found in Switzerland, a small, quiet, unassuming country. God is not a show-off. His ego is quite intact. He doesn’t need to live in some loud, flamboyant country. Actually, I have

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Manage the Unavoidable Avoid the Unmanageable

Relevant educational questions are being asked: Who should learn how to treat vein disease? Who should be teaching others about venous disease? What are the educational requirements to teach others about venous disease? What are the standards to assess adequate venous education? Who should real ...

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In Search of The Right Life

I am in Brooklyn walking through an old, beautifully designed bank with my two sons, Jeremy and Sam. It is the kind of bank that is architecturally so interesting with columns, mosaics, gilded ceilings and the character of the early 1900s. Nothing like the bland, generic ones now found on every corn ...

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