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Mr. Paddle and the Lost Art of Dying

In the annals of platform tennis, Mr. Paddle is the legend that is mentioned most often. Usually after a few drinks. Strange sport paddle tennis. Played in the fall and winter. Outdoors. The floor of the courts are heated in case of snow or ice. The people who play are mostly tennis players looking ...

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One Hundred Percent, One Hundred Percent of the Time or Why Am I Sitting in the Hot Sun Listening to This

Mid July, 95 degrees, West Point Military Academy. Army Lacrosse coach Joe Alberici screams, or shall I say “communicates” in the Army manner, the words, “A tough guy gives one hundred percent, one hundred percent of the time. Are you a tough guy?” What the hell was this guy talking about? ...

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Pictorial Architecture: Discarded Eloquence

During the past 10 years in VEIN we have tried to help you minimize the same old mistakes and disasters. We give you current data and ideas so hopefully you will rarely make your own mistakes. No pictorial architecture or discarded eloquence, just decisions and more decisions. Here’s to the next 1 ...

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Serious Stuff

Vein Magazine Medical Director, Dr. Steven Elias, Introduces the Fall 2015 Issue. “Strange how people who suffer together have stronger connections than people who are most always said people don’t do what they believe in...they do what’s most convenient then they repent.” -Bo ...

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Terror, Terroir

I am trying to avoid dying while driving around in a bulletproof car avoiding mosquitoes and admiring bad graffiti. I have never experienced this trifecta of terror or terroir.

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That Guy

Most of us had mentors who influenced us early on in our medical education- -the key person, or maybe persons, who started us on the path we took. Medicine, in the past, was much more like an apprenticeship. You found “that guy” that you wanted to be like and you learned from him, ultimately put ...

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The Capital is DONE; "i" Isn't

i never thought of not using a capital “I”. And certainly David Tang or Tyler Brule would never jettison this letter or notion from their vocabulary. e e cummings was the poet that felt that “I” should be “i”.

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The Crumbs of Pluralistic Ignorance

Vein Magazine Medical Director, Dr. Steven Elias, Introduces the Summer 2015 Issue. The crumb cake is one of mankind’s gastronomique conundrums—pieces of inconsequential little things held together for our enjoyment. Who thought to use these leftover crumbs for something so ubiquitous in many c ...

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The Discovery of God

Last summer scientists discovered God. He was found in Cern, Switzerland. One would have suspected that God would be found in Switzerland, a small, quiet, unassuming country. God is not a show-off. His ego is quite intact. He doesn’t need to live in some loud, flamboyant country. Actually, I have

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Third Base or Right Field? A Juxtaposition of Positions

Some of us were born infield, some of us born in the dugout. In VEIN this month, we seek to get you closer to home, or at least third base.

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