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All Men Are Olympic Hopefuls: Compression Wear Helps

Compression therapy is such a vital part of a phlebology practice, so it's no wonder Dr. Gordon Gibbs'--via an interview with Dr. Brian Babka, a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine--wanted to explore how compression impacts the sports medicine community and how it might translate to th ...

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Veins & Wounds: A Marriage of Necessity & Love

Dr. Raghu Kolluri discusses the clinical advantages and improved patient experience associated with developing a vein center within a wound center.

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How to Deal with Patients with Hypercoagulable States and Severe Superficial Valvular Incompetence

Varicose veins have long been considered a cosmetic problem that only affects emotional well-being, however they are frequently the cause of discomfort, pain, loss of working days, and deterioration of health-related quality of life.

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Venous Leg Ulcer and Wound Care Therapies That May Benefit

Basic scientific knowledge has elucidated our understanding of important molecules and pathways that include cytokines, growth factors, and MMPs. These scientific studies provide the opportunity to intervene at multiple levels, with the ultimate goal of finding a cure for advanced venous disease.

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Future Leaders Contribute to Phlebology: The American College of Phlebology's Inaugural Class

Being a good leader requires a different skill set than being a good physician. We take a look at the American Academy of Phlebology’s Leadership Academy, and how participants fared in its first year.

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Introduction to Lipedema

Lipedema is a chronic disease that causes uneven fat distribution. Even though it was initially discovered in the 1940s, many physicians are still unaware of its existence.

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Grassroots Education: On the Street and in Your Practice

There are still plenty of people, including physicians, who think that the best treatment for varicose veins is vein stripping. Is it time to change that school of thought in your community? Here’s how.

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The Need for Standards in the Treatment of Venous Disorders

What role can the UIP play in promoting education and research in venous disease? The answer is in its history and how it is organized.

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Deficiencies in Comprehensive Education of Venous Ultrasound

The diagnosis and treatment of venous disease is one of the most rapidly surging practices in the field of medicine. But more training standards are needed.

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Inferior Vena Cava Clip Recanalization: A Case Study

Read about one vascular specialist’s endeavors in recanalizing a deep system blockage in a former ambulance driver’s IVC Miles clip.

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