The Epidemic of Leg Swelling

by Dean Wasserman MD, RVT, FACS Some epidemics are obvious and sensational while others are subtle and insidious. The currently observed increase in the prevalence of leg swelling is of the latter type. At first glance,...Continue Reading

Educating One Provider and One Patient at a Time

Educating medical providers regarding two epidemic topics is not easy. The education gap between vein providers and the lay public and medical professionals offers a teaching endeavor that we must pursue to enhance venous...Continue Reading

Sclerotherapy of Minor Varicosities: A Different Story

by Alessandro Frullini, MD When I was asked to write an article on the treatment of small veins and teleangectasias with educational purposes, I recalled a great number of papers I have read on the same topic. With few e...Continue Reading

Optimizing Localized Compression for Venous Ulcers Experience with a Novel Air-filled Bolster Foam Dressing (P-FAB)

It is generally agreed upon that the fundamental treatment for chronic venous insufficiency and venous leg ulcers is compression. Compression increases the interstitial fluid pressure assisting the transport of fluid back...Continue Reading

The Simulation of Reality: The Reality of Simulation

It was 1988. I’d never used a laparoscope in my surgical or vascular training. I’d never placed a trocar into an abdomen, but what the heck - if a gynecologist could do it, why not me? To learn, I needed some...Continue Reading

Endovascular Simulation Training and the Venous System Initial Observations

by Mark A. Mattos, MD The practice of vascular surgery continues to evolve and vascular surgical education and training principles must evolve with it. A host of educational challenges now exist which were not present ev...Continue Reading

Thrombophilia When to Suspect that Your Patient is Hypercoagulable

by Stephanie Dentoni, MD Thrombophilia is a word that has not received much attention in the medical community. It is intimidating and often associated with a complicated and troublesome course. The heart of thrombophili...Continue Reading

The History and Present State of Phlebology in the USA: A Personal Perspective

Dr. Mitchel Goldman has pretty much seen it all when it comes to phlebology. As founder and third president of the North American Society of Phlebology (now the American College of Phlebology), a board certified dermatolo...Continue Reading

The Digital Doorbell How Online Medical Directories Can Benefit Your Practice

by Emily Jones Considering an estimated 75% of Americans use the internet, are vein doctors doing enough to market their practices online? Having a website is an important part of modern marketing, but many physicians fi...Continue Reading

Monocusp Autogenous valve correction and four-year results in a patient with aggressive post-thrombotic syndrome

by John C. Opie, MD, Amber Hook, MA Optima Vein Care, Scottsdale, AZ A 38-year-old healthy male patient presented to clinic, July 2008, with multiple venous stasis ulcers of his left lower extremity. When he was 20, whil...Continue Reading