Industry Spotlight

Lipedema: A Devastating Disease Too Often Overlooked

Why are we letting lipedema happen? This is just one pressing question being answered by Dr. Thomas Wright.

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Facing Lipedema: A Patient's Perspective

Read about a mom of two who struggled with lipedema until surgery and compression returned her quality of life.

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The Patient's Role in Ethical Vein Care: A Physician's Perspective

Here's a look at a patient's role in ethical vein care, and what you can do as a physician to stand your ground in the face of unethical situations.

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Pelvic Vein Disease: Filling the Void

Dr. Steve Elias is joined by Drs. Meridith Englander, Tony Gasparis, Neil Khilnani, and Mark Meissner to discuss pelvic vein disease

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4 Critical Reasons to Expand Your Collaborative Care Network with Non-Invasive Vascular Assessments

Is your collaborative care network helping you find, diagnose and treat patients with peripheral vascular disease? If not, you need to expand—and here's why.

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Building a Culture of Inclusion

The Society of Interventional Radiology is promoting diversity in the world of interventional radiology and vein care. Learn the importance of #IamIR.

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Biomedix Achieves HITRUST CSF Certification for Software Security

HITRUST CSF Certified status proves that the Biomedix web application and PADnet device software meet key regulations and industry requirements to manage risk.

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Be the Culture of Change: Peer Comparison Feedback to Reduce Inappropriate Use

Improving Wisely offers societies the opportunity to lead in identifying benchmarks and in working to drive peer performance closer to new standards as they are identified.

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Advancing the Care of Venous Ulcers: Industry's Key Role

The global incidence of venous ulceration hasn’t changed despite technological advancements. It’s time for a new approach to venous ulceration.

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VNUS: High-Tech Solutions for a Very Old Problem

by Kirti Kamdar, SVP of R&D, VNUS Medical Technologies, Inc. There’s no way to know just how far back in history man was afflicted with varicose veins – perhaps the cavemen had them under all that hair – but the subject appears in Egyptian writings dating back 3,500 years. Hippocrates himself

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