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4 Critical Reasons to Expand Your Collaborative Care Network with Non-Invasive Vascular Assessments

Is your collaborative care network helping you find, diagnose and treat patients with peripheral vascular disease? If not, you need to expand—and here's why.

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by Sarah Yonak Venous leg ulcers (VLUs) make up 80% of lower extremity ulcers. These ulcers can persist for lengthy periods of time and are often recurring.1 Many clinicians find themselves frustrated with this common, and often persistent, symptom of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). Common as t ...

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Advances in Phlebology eLearning

Pegasus Lectures recently released Fundamentals of Phlebology eCourse: Phase 1, designed to provide a comprehensive resource for those interested in learning about or refining the use of ultrasound in their phlebology practice.

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Advancing the Care of Venous Ulcers: Industry's Key Role

The global incidence of venous ulceration hasn’t changed despite technological advancements. It’s time for a new approach to venous ulceration.

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An Approach to Mixed Deep and Superficial Reflux

by Eric Mowatt-Larssen, MD, RPhS Approximately 25% of patients presenting to a vein clinic have combined superficial and deep venous reflux on duplex ultrasound. These patients tend to have more severe venous disease. Ulcers and skin changes are more common. Pain and swelling tend to be worse. Thes ...

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A New Wave of Excitement has Brandished the Telangiectatic Therapeutic Market: Veinwave

by Jennifer Heller, MD and Lowell Kabnick, MD Long established as effective modalities, injection sclerotherapy, and to a lesser extent laser and IPL, have dominated the market for patients who desire resolution of unsightly spider veins. Although these treatment options are reliable and provide re ...

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A New Way to Help Patients Understand Vein Disease

As a physician and instructor in the field of vascular health, I often look for tools that provide the easiest way for me to explain vein disease to my patients. Many of my patients have limited knowledge of the circulatory system, so I look for ways that make it easier for them to understand what i ...

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Announcing a Change in the Name of the American Board of Phlebology

For the past year, the ABPh Board of Directors has been considering the possibility of changing the name of our organization to address several ongoing practical issues we have encountered with the word “phlebology” in our name. One long-standing issue-is that the word “phlebology” is not we ...

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A Not-For-Profit Organization Dedicated to Multidisciplinary Vascular Education and Research

by VIVA Staff We invite you to come and experience VIVA 10! Multispecialty Perspectives From vascular surgery, radiology, cardiothoracic surgery and vascular medicine to cardiology, the challenges facing physicians today are staggering. One of the most daunting tasks facing physicians is keeping p ...

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Applications of Pneumatic Compression Therapy for Venous Abnormalities

Pneumatic compression is emerging as an essential tool for the modern physician. See how the latest pneumatic compression devices can enhance compliance and patient outcomes.

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