Industry Updates

Why Lymphedema? Why Me? Why Now?

Find out the challenges of diagnosing and treating lymphedema, then learn how research, education, and patient advocacy can turn things around.

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Vena Cava Filtration: Shifting Paradigms, Emerging Technologies

Discover how innovation is answering the needs of physicians treating patients who may be candidates for temporary caval filtration.

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American College of Phlebology (ACP) Expands Identity with New Name

American College of Phlebology is now the American Vein and Lymphatic Society. Find out what this means for the field of vein disease.

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Latest Articles About Industry Updates
MACRA and the Phlebology Practice

MACRA is the new standard payment model. The Sustainable Growth Rate program is out. It’s time to update your practice, and here’s how.

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Fourth Edition Handbook of Venous and Lymphatic Disorders Updates Guidelines for Treatment and Management

The essential reference of all venous specialists has just been updated with the latest treatment techniques and most current evidence. See what’s new and read the top 10 guidelines.

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ACP Mobilizes to Oppose Novitas Draft LCD

The world of insurance is changing. The American College of Phlebology wants to ensure that scientific, evidence-based care doesn’t change also.

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The American Board of Phlebology: Announcing a Multispecialty Consensus Core Content Initiative in Phlebology

Significant innovations and major new concepts in the diagnosis and treatment of vein disorders have come from physicians and surgeons with a variety of specialty backgrounds. Read more.

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25 Years of Success with a Vision for Tomorrow

ACP will celebrate the 25th year of their Annual Congress, which has grown to become the premier educational forum for the diagnosis and treatment of venous disorders in the United States.

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Exploring the Possibility of an AVF/ACP Merger

In the last, issue Drs. Peter Pappas and Mel Rosenblatt outline their reasons for supporting a merger between the two societies. VEIN asked industry executives to share their ideas in response.

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American Board of Phlebology Announces Maintenance of Certification Program(Phleb-MOC)

All medical certifying boards have a common mission and purpose - to serve the public interest by promoting excellence in the practice of a given specialty. Read more.

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The New Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) and the American Venous Forum (AVF) Guidelines for Venous Ulcer Management

The Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) and the American Venous Forum (AVF) recently published a comprehensive set of guidelines for the management of venous leg ulcers (VLU) in the Journal of Vascular Surgery. Read to get a full glimpse into what these guidelines entail...

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Getting Started with IAC Vein Center Accreditation

Defining a vein center as a facility where venous evaluation and management and/ or treatment procedures are performed, the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) accredits facilities with the capability to provide at least two of the four following procedures: sclerotherapy, ambulatory phlebe ...

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Regulatory Capture and the ABMS and MOC

The American Board of Medical Specialties’ certification program appears to be a boon to medical specialists everywhere. Or is it?

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