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4 Surprising Trends That Will Help Your Practice Attract More Baby Boomers

Baby boomers shop online just as frequently as younger generations. Learn how to attract them to your practice.

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Tempted to Compete on Price? Don't!

Differentiate yourself and your practice through your specialized services, your knowledge and your level of patient care.

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The Pendulum is Swinging: Sharing Less is the Latest Social Media Trend

The more you share, the more you care. Not so, says Incredible Marketing. Here are 3 ways to use scarcity as a tactic to win in social media.

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Standardizing Venous Ultrasound

Diagnostic testing, in any field, by definition, is used to detect, confirm or rule out the presence of a problem. Its purpose includes the ability to be reproducible and reliable. These characteristics put a heavy burden on diagnostic testing. In venous ultrasound, this picture becomes even more co ...

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How Are Your Referral Relationships?

Whether you are giving clinical recommendations, or making it easier for primary care physicians (PCP) to refer to you, relationship marketing is fundamentally about delivering value.

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The Role of an AOH (ASC-OBL-Hybrid) in Tomorrow’s Ambulatory Care Environment

In today’s world of health care, there seems to be only one certainty—the direction and future of health care are uncertain. In saying this, I am not suggesting that the future of health care is grim–quite the contrary. Advances in technology over the last decade have been astonishing. On the ...

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The Evolving Role of Medical Chatbots

Medical chatbots can assist in care after vein treatments and promote adherence to conservative measures. Learn how medical chatbots improve health care.

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Optimizing Mid-Level Providers in a Busy Vein Practice

As a vein doctor, your practice is like any other business--you need a strategy, lots of patience and most importantly of all, a well-crafted team of professionals. Managing mid-level providers in your practice can boost personnel efficiency and improve your day-to-day operations. Here's how to do i ...

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Challenges and Solutions for Incorporating Phlebology into your Interventional Radiology Practice

by Neil M. Khilnani, M.D. Venous insufficiency (VI) and its complications are among the most common medical problems affecting western societies. With a long history in diagnosing and treating venous diseases, Interventional Radiologists are one of the largest groups of physicians involved in carin ...

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Medical Design Space: Medical Co-Op Reinvigorates Age-Old Interior

by Susan Belknapp Combining medical businesses and California Vein Specialist and About Face Medical Aesthetics were co-founded in 2001 by Kenneth Jesser M.D. and J. Michael Leary M.D., FACEP. They now have three offices throughout Southern California: Palm Desert, La Quinta and Newport Beach. The

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