Practice Management

Is Health Care Really That Complicated?

Health care is complex and even medical professionals have to scratch their heads at times. Here’s a guide on how make sense of it all.

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New Technology Reimbursement

Reimbursement for developing innovative technology is every device maker’s dream, but it takes more than FDA approval. Here’s all of what you need to do.

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Busy Schedule, Healthy Habits

As a professional in the business of health and wellness, the vast majority of your hours have been dedicated to your work. But when do you set aside the time to tend to your own well-being?

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Latest Articles About Practice Management
Time to Get Tradigital

What does the term tradigital mean? How does it apply to your business? Are its components even necessary to expand your business? To find out...

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Mommy Makeovers & Postpartum Pride:Tips for Marketing to Moms

Mommy makeovers featuring cosmetic treatments to help women’s bodies appear more like they did pre-pregnancy have risen in popularity in recent years, and vascular specialists shouldn’t dismiss this trend as one limited to traditional plastic surgery.

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Vein Center Accreditation Falls Short of Curbing Over-Utilization: More Patient Advocacy is Required

Advantages of shared decision making allows the patient to access information about risks, complications, effect on quality of life, and background of the treating physician.

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3 Ways to Ignite Patient Communication

Patient’s expectations are higher than ever, and if your practice hasn’t evolved with digital technology, your patients could leave it for one that has.

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3 Useful Tips for Marketing to Older Adults

Today’s new young-older person is an Internet browsing, online-shopping, Facebooking, information-hungry super-consumer. Are you inadvertently writing them off in you marketing?

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Internal Marketing: Transform Your Practice from the Inside Out

Running a medical practice encompasses a lot of responsibility, but a key responsibility is striking a balance between fantastic treatment and customer service. Read more.

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The Three Phases of DVT and Elevating the Standard of Care

Lafayette Regional Vein & Laser Center sat with a group of primary care physicians to discuss several intriguing cases. Here’s what they learned.

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Action! Your Guide to Producing Powerful Practice Videos

A video is a great platform for showcasing your practice’s services and professional appearance. Read more to learn how to attract more patients with a web-traffic boosting video.

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Absurd Vein Care: Can We Fix It? A Roundtable Discussion

With an eye toward solutions, Moderator Dr. Tom O’Donnell leads VEIN’s round table discussion on an important but often overlooked topic in medicine.

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How to Hold Your Marketing Agency Accountable

You have decided to make the leap and you have found a good agency to work with. But before you sign your marketing life away, ask these questions to set up your framework for accountability.

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