Practice Management

Achieving Maximum Reimbursement: A Physician’s Guide to Revenue Cycle Management

PHYSICIANS TYPICALLY hire my consulting firm because they are looking for ways to increase their income. They tell me they need to add new ancillary service revenue streams or negotiate with insurers for higher reimbursem...Continue Reading

The Outpatient Revolution: What’s Next for OBLs and ASCs

by Stefani Barbero FOR THE PAST few decades, we’ve witnessed the steady march of services leaving hospitals in favor of outpatient care centers. Everything from diagnostic imaging to dialysis and cancer treatment to...Continue Reading

Incorporating Phlebology Into a Dermatology Practice

Dermatologists are natural experts in the evaluation and management of skin-related problems. It is a natural fit and progression for them to be involved in the management of venous disorders. Almost on a daily basis, the...Continue Reading

Challenges and Solutions for Incorporating Phlebology into your Interventional Radiology Practice

by Neil M. Khilnani, M.D. Venous insufficiency (VI) and its complications are among the most common medical problems affecting western societies. With a long history in diagnosing and treating venous diseases, Interventi...Continue Reading

Medical Design Space: Medical Co-Op Reinvigorates Age-Old Interior

by Susan Belknapp Combining medical businesses and California Vein Specialist and About Face Medical Aesthetics were co-founded in 2001 by Kenneth Jesser M.D. and J. Michael Leary M.D., FACEP. They now have three offices...Continue Reading

This Old Office: The Vein Treatment Center Adds a Minimalist Touch to a Classically Designed Space

by Jade Mangahis Tucked away on a quaint, tree-lined block in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, The Vein Treatment Center prides itself on being one of the most proven and comprehensive vein treatment facilities in all...Continue Reading

Avoiding the Pain of Insurance Denials

by Marlin W. Schul, M.D., MBA, RVT, FACPh Helping patients achieve symptomatic relief from venous disorders is not always easy when an insurance carrier is involved. Phlebological procedures fall under extensive scrutiny...Continue Reading

Getting Exposure on Google?

When the editor of Vein Magazine asked me to write about internet marketing, the first thing that came to my mind was “SEO”. SEO an abbreviation for the newly claimed art of “search engine optimization.&...Continue Reading

Eco-Friendly Medical Office Interiors

Just as a good doctor goes beyond measuring statistics and charts to diagnose a patient, healthcare interior design company ART Design has created just the right way to tailor and tune the atmosphere and décor of a...Continue Reading

Physician Credentialing

Medical specialty certification in the United States is a voluntary process. While medical licensure sets the minimum competency requirements to diagnose and treat patients, it is not specialty specific. Board certificati...Continue Reading