Practice Management

Share Less on Social Media—and Win

The more you share, the more you care. Not so, says Incredible Marketing. Here are 3 ways to use scarcity as a tactic to win in social media.

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The Evolving Role of Medical Chatbots

Medical chatbots can assist in care after vein treatments and promote adherence to conservative measures. Learn how medical chatbots improve health care.

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How to Attract Baby Boomers

Did you know baby boomers shop online just as much as younger generations? Use these tips to attract them to your practice.

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Latest Articles About Practice Management
Getting Exposure on Google?

When the editor of Vein Magazine asked me to write about internet marketing, the first thing that came to my mind was “SEO”. SEO an abbreviation for the newly claimed art of “search engine optimization.” Search Engine Optimization, a novel technique of altering the backend code a particular ...

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Incorporating Phlebology into a Vascular Surgery Practice

by Cristobal G. Alvarado, M.D. Most young surgeons learn quickly that surgical practice as an attending surgeon is quite different from the practice they were exposed to as residents. While many of us were exposed to many complex arterial reconstructions, very few training programs give much exposur ...

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Calling Card to a Successful Vein Practice

Western Vascular’s Shauna Allen Offers Tips on Marketing Your Practice Thinking about starting up a vein practice, or incorporating one into your already established business? With an already saturated market, be advised that finding your edge and branding your name amid the competition can be di ...

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Finding a Good EMR for a Phlebology Practice

by J. Gordon Wright, MD, FACS, RVT After many years of searching for even one EMR that I like, I am still bewildered and disappointed at how difficult it is to find an EMR that is actually good for an office based sub-specialty practice like phlebology. What do I mean by “good” and why is a goo ...

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Welcome to the Mobile World Should Your Marketing Include Mobile Sites and Apps?

As most practices have finally realized the benefits of running a consistent marketing campaign that includes utilizing both traditional and online marketing, the new mobile arena presents as many questions as solutions. What is mobile search? What is the difference between an ‘app’ and a mobile

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Practice Cost Savings with Custom Packs

by Bret Buhler and Dave Landry In today’s economic environment, the cost of doing business is increasing, while reimbursement continues to decline. As a result, practices and surgeons must become more cognizant of expenses and recurring costs, and also become overall more efficient in their pract ...

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New Patient Acquisition through Inbound Marketing

by Leslie Heizman According to the latest information from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 80 percent of American adults look online for health information. 1 According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 50 to 55 percent of women and 40 to 45 percent of men in the U.S.

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Integrating EMRs Into a Communication Centric Practice

by Jeff Mongelli Whether or not you choose to pursue the ARRA Stimulus dollars for your practice, the new technology it introduces will have a significant impact on the practice of medicine. Broadly speaking, one of the thrusts of ARRA is increased communications. More specifically, systems are bei ...

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The Three 'Rs' Affecting Your Practice: Reform, Regulation, Reimbursement

by Andrea B. Epstein External forces which affect your vein practice are numerous and multifaceted. Everythingfrom the slow economic recovery, where individuals may opt to defer vein procedures due to lack of employment, to new technology which brings more effecti ve and safer treatments toyour pat ...

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The Benefits of Offering Payment Options Through Third-Party Financing

by Rob Morris Patients today are facing higher out-of-pocket costs from co-pays, coinsurance, and deductibles that may cause them to put off treatment or delay payment to your practice. Billing patients in-house is one way to help them manage rising healthcare costs and get the procedures they need ...

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