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A Hodgepodge of Issues Surrounding Reimbursement

by Joseph Zygmunt, RVT, RP hS, and AJ Riviezzo, MBA VEIN Magazine Winter 2014 FREE CONSULTATIONS “Hey, I saw an ad in the paper for a ‘free vein consultation.’ I think I want to do that too—it will attract new patients like crazy!” What do you think of this as a method to attract patien ...

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Approach it Like a Game of Monopoly

by Christa Nuber SEO. Tweets. Hashtags. SEM. These are digital marketing buzzwords you have heard at some point as you walked by a marketing consultant in an exhibit hall. While all these marketing buzzwords represent elements that are important to a marketing plan, what you should really be listen ...

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Avoiding the Pain of Insurance Denials

by Marlin W. Schul, M.D., MBA, RVT, FACPh Helping patients achieve symptomatic relief from venous disorders is not always easy when an insurance carrier is involved. Phlebological procedures fall under extensive scrutiny by insurance carriers of all types. The U.S. has seen a tremendous rise in util ...

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Because They Can

Thirty-five thousand feet, a glass of Scotch whisky, reading ARTnews magazine, and I am wondering who has $50 million to spend on a work of art? Well, according to ARTnews, between 50 to 100 billionaires do. How many billionaires exist in this world? One thousand four hundred and twenty-six, accordi ...

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Be Your Own Personal Coach by Helane S. Fronek

In seeking fulfillment, it’s essential to know what we want. Since the long, arduous road to becoming a doctor requires ignoring or postponing our desires, we often lose connection with them.

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Calling Card to a Successful Vein Practice

Western Vascular’s Shauna Allen Offers Tips on Marketing Your Practice Thinking about starting up a vein practice, or incorporating one into your already established business? With an already saturated market, be advised that finding your edge and branding your name amid the competition can be di ...

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Challenges and Solutions for Incorporating Phlebology into your Interventional Radiology Practice

by Neil M. Khilnani, M.D. Venous insufficiency (VI) and its complications are among the most common medical problems affecting western societies. With a long history in diagnosing and treating venous diseases, Interventional Radiologists are one of the largest groups of physicians involved in carin ...

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Communication Matters

Communication is one of the four core clinical skills, along with knowledge base, problem-solving ability and physical examination; a large body of evidence proves its importance. In one study, the duration of headache symptoms correlated more closely with patients’ perception that they were able ...

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Converting New Patient Leads into Patient Appointments

by Christa S. Nuber In this age of digital and media marketing, most of us in the healthcare industry understand that traditional print advertising and word-of-mouth testimonials aren’t enough to grow a medical practice and bring in new patients. It has become essential to promote a medical pract ...

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Crowdsourcing EMR

Recently, a group of online gamers resolved a roadblock that AIDS scientists couldn’t get past for more than a decade. The gaming community solved the issue-in three weeks through a concept called crowdsourcing.

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