Practice Management

Share Less on Social Media—and Win

The more you share, the more you care. Not so, says Incredible Marketing. Here are 3 ways to use scarcity as a tactic to win in social media.

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The Evolving Role of Medical Chatbots

Medical chatbots can assist in care after vein treatments and promote adherence to conservative measures. Learn how medical chatbots improve health care.

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How to Attract Baby Boomers

Did you know baby boomers shop online just as much as younger generations? Use these tips to attract them to your practice.

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Latest Articles About Practice Management
Federal Trade Commission Announces New Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials In Advertising

by Jeffrey Segal, M.D. J.D. and Michael J. Sacopulos J.D. The Federal Trade Commission on October 5, 2009 released “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” This is the first update the FTC has made on this topic in approximately thirty years. Much of the new

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Eyes Wide Open—Adding Laser Lipolysis and Liposuction to your Vein Practice

by Andrea B. Epstein Perspectives from Dr. E.J. Sanchez of Laser & Vein Center at Batey According to the most recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), cosmetic surgeries in the U.S. are not just for the Hollywood crowd; more than 12.1 million of these procedures were

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Practice Building Strategies to Kick Start the Decade

Coast to coast, there is a significant variation in the approach of physicians who provide phlebology services. Some practices are cash only. Others may focus almost exclusively on Medicare patients. Many have a robust aesthetic program while a few offer no aesthetic services at all. All of the succ ...

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Editor's Note | The Season for Growth, Development and Rejuvenation

This is the time of year to think about growth and rejuvenation. Your patients may be considering cosmetic treatments to get them ready for the imminent summer sun (and beach, for those of you in coastal terrain), either to rid themselves of varicose veins or other treatments to enhance their appear ...

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Groupon & Other Daily Deal Sites: Old Regulations and New Problems

Some physicians and dentists have jumped in – offering Groupon discounts to subscribers for services. Their goal is the same as the restaurants--attracting flies with honey.

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How Are Your Referral Relationships?

Whether you are giving clinical recommendations, or making it easier for primary care physicians (PCP) to refer to you, relationship marketing is fundamentally about delivering value.

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EMR Stimulus Money Made Simple

It is easy to get muddled about the EMR Incentive program. It has many complexities, double-speak, nuances, undefined terms, and a welter of confusion and jargon. Read on.

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EMR Reimbursement: Setting Timelines to Prove Meaningful Use

f you read Part I of this article which appeared in the Fall 2010 issue, you probably understand a little bit more about how the stimulus program affects phlebologists. Learn more.

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Advice for Practical Practitioners Who Want to Make the Most of Their Marketing Dollars and Sense (Pt.1)

Some marketers claim to have the winning formula for your success, but offer no room to strategize as needed. Here's how to take matters into your own hands.

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What Direction Is Your Vein Practice Headed? Key Benchmarks Worth Paying Attention To

by David Schmiege With a typical day packed with new consults, procedures and patient follow ups, it is no surprise that most physicians have little time to focus on the details of running a successful vein practice. This article will help you look at the big picture and quickly identify signs of

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