Practice Management

Optimizing Mid-Level Providers in a Busy Vein Practice

As a vein doctor, your practice is like any other business--you need a strategy, lots of patience and most importantly of all, a well-crafted team of professionals. Managing mid-level providers in your practice can boost personnel efficiency and improve your day-to-day operations. Here's how to do i ...

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Tempted to Compete on Price? Don't!

Differentiate yourself and your practice through your specialized services, your knowledge and your level of patient care.

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Google is Vetting You

Do you know what your patients are looking for in a vein specialist? Google does. Learn the four most important steps to make you relevant online and bring in new patients.

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Latest Articles About Practice Management
Do What You Do Well, But Know Everything About What You Do

A man wearing round-framed glasses with a goatee sitting in a huge, motorized wheelchair is meandering through an art exhibit at the Whitney Museum in New York. The man is artist Chuck Close; the exhibit is of the work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Chuck Close is dyslexic and physically disabled;

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The Path to Payment ICAVL, Credentialing and Reimbursement

ICAVL, Credentialing and Reimbursement Credentialing in ultrasound had its foundation in the concept of the performance of quality (and, therefore, accurate) ultrasound and the desire by those who specialized in ultrasound to demonstrate competence in their chosen profession. This started out as a ...

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Social Searches Social Media Marries SEO

By now, you have heard all the internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO ) lingo. You know about “keywords” and “meta-tags”; you might even understand “pagerank” or “link authority.” You have become somewhat familiar with where your practice website ranks on the major se ...

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Marketing Best Practices

by David Schmiege To market effectively and get maximum return on your marketing dollar, you must first identify your target audience. As a vein practice, are you marketing to consumers? Referral physicians? Both? Start by clarifying your most promising target markets. These are markets that are mo ...

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Getting Ahead 5 Ways to Capitalize on Your Time if You Aren't Pursuing Meaningful Use

by Jeff Mongelli The boxer Mohammed Ali made famous his antic of waving a glove off to the side of his opponent. The instant his opponent reacted, he would jab at the opening he created. The tactic of creating a distraction in order to capitalize on it, or to seek personal gain, has been with us fo ...

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Physician Governance Implementing the Managing Physician Concept

by David Schmiege Attention to the business management side of a vein practice with multiple providers is critical in order to thrive. Patients are less willing and less able to pay for the level of health care which they have come to expect. There will clearly continue to be governmental, employer

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Communication Matters

Communication is one of the four core clinical skills, along with knowledge base, problem-solving ability and physical examination; a large body of evidence proves its importance. In one study, the duration of headache symptoms correlated more closely with patients’ perception that they were able ...

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What Adding a PA or NNP Can Bring to Your Practice

by Cheryl Nash Are you considering adding a physician assistant (PA) or non–physician practitioner (NNP) to your practice? Seems like a great idea, right? Well, in a lot of ways it is. But there are details you need to be aware of prior to implementing such a plan. Having Clear Expectations The

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Understanding the Patient Experience

by Michael Egan The summer 2013 issue of VEIN Magazine included the article, “The Power of Patient Perceptions: Monitoring and Managing Your Practice’s Reputation,” which provided a framework to help you understand the impact of patient perceptions on your practice and the importance of manag ...

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Because They Can

Thirty-five thousand feet, a glass of Scotch whisky, reading ARTnews magazine, and I am wondering who has $50 million to spend on a work of art? Well, according to ARTnews, between 50 to 100 billionaires do. How many billionaires exist in this world? One thousand four hundred and twenty-six, accordi ...

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