Practice Management

Share Less on Social Media—and Win

The more you share, the more you care. Not so, says Incredible Marketing. Here are 3 ways to use scarcity as a tactic to win in social media.

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The Evolving Role of Medical Chatbots

Medical chatbots can assist in care after vein treatments and promote adherence to conservative measures. Learn how medical chatbots improve health care.

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How to Attract Baby Boomers

Did you know baby boomers shop online just as much as younger generations? Use these tips to attract them to your practice.

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Latest Articles About Practice Management
Understanding the Patient Experience

by Michael Egan The summer 2013 issue of VEIN Magazine included the article, “The Power of Patient Perceptions: Monitoring and Managing Your Practice’s Reputation,” which provided a framework to help you understand the impact of patient perceptions on your practice and the importance of manag ...

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Because They Can

Thirty-five thousand feet, a glass of Scotch whisky, reading ARTnews magazine, and I am wondering who has $50 million to spend on a work of art? Well, according to ARTnews, between 50 to 100 billionaires do. How many billionaires exist in this world? One thousand four hundred and twenty-six, accordi ...

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The Power of Patient Perception Monitoring and Managing Your Practice's Reputation

by Michael Egan Okay, I'd like you to play along with me and participate in a little activity as you read. Please raise your hand (or just a finger if you're in a public place and don't want to attract attention). Now put your hand down if: You have NEVER read an online review of a product or se ...

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Practical Advice on Starting a Vein Practice Candid Perspectives from Two Successful Physicians

There’s no shortage of resources that offer advice on starting a vein practice (including this magazine). From books to lectures, practice management companies to marketing companies and more, part of the hurdle to starting a vein practice may very well be deciding on which path(s) of support to c ...

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HIPPA Changes You Can't Afford to Ignore, What You Need to Know About the HIPAA Omnibus Rule and What You Need to Do About It

For many of you, thinking or reading about HIPAA is about as pleasurable as a trip to the dentist. Well, the HIPAA laws have changed. Consider the Omnibus Rule at your next appointment. But rather than dig into the gritty details, we'll go over what you need to do and why you need to do it. And why ...

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Adding Patient Financing to Your Financial Policy

by Rob Morris In 2013, patient out-of-pocket healthcare expenditures are projected to increase 3.4% over the previous year. Experts attribute the gain to increased consumption of medical care driven by faster growth in disposable personal income. While this projected growth could be another indicat ...

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Incorporating Phlebology into a Cardiology Practice

by Doreen Saltiel, MD “Doc, we’re ready.” I get up, in scrubs, wearing a scrub cap I received as a gift; I get a mask and enter the procedure room. The sterile table is set: micropuncture kit, sterile bowl with sterile saline, catheters, syringes, 4x4s, towels, etc. The patient is prepped and

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Do You Have the Right Tools for Your Practice?

by Jennifer Heller, MD Long regarded as the beleaguered stepchild of vascular surgeons, venous disease is finally coming into its own. And that’s really an understatement. It seems that there isn’t a day that passes by without a gorgeous leg splayed across a glossy magazine cover, or radio ads ...

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Converting New Patient Leads into Patient Appointments

by Christa S. Nuber In this age of digital and media marketing, most of us in the healthcare industry understand that traditional print advertising and word-of-mouth testimonials aren’t enough to grow a medical practice and bring in new patients. It has become essential to promote a medical pract ...

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Why Windows 8 is a Winner for Healthcare

It’s not often an industry juggernaut bets the farm on its future, but with Windows 8, Microsoft has done just that. OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but without question Windows 8 is a dramatic departure from the desktop we’ve all grown accustomed to, and if it fails to receive mark ...

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