Practice Management

Share Less on Social Media—and Win

The more you share, the more you care. Not so, says Incredible Marketing. Here are 3 ways to use scarcity as a tactic to win in social media.

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The Evolving Role of Medical Chatbots

Medical chatbots can assist in care after vein treatments and promote adherence to conservative measures. Learn how medical chatbots improve health care.

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How to Attract Baby Boomers

Did you know baby boomers shop online just as much as younger generations? Use these tips to attract them to your practice.

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Latest Articles About Practice Management
Online vs. Offline Marketing Efforts: Yielding the Best Return for Your Dollar

by Victor Sirgado, CEO, Paramount/MD I used to think first impressions counted for everything. As a healthcare marketing expert, I thought that when I was called to visit a vein practice for the first time, I needed to appear with an arsenal of preformed ideas for my new client. I thought that if I

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Do Medical Practices Really Benefit from Using Social Media?

by Cait Blanton When it comes to social media, Facebook and Twitter are full of examples where huge companies spend countless dollars implementing social media campaigns to boost sales and brand awareness. While your medical practice may not have a multimillion-dollar advertising budget, there are ...

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Five Tangible Benefits of EMR

Chances are, if you’re using an EMR in your practice, you’re hoping for some type of benefit for your investment of time and money. While the reasons you have an EMR may vary, regardless of why you have it, making it work for you and your practice is essential. Knowing where to focus your effort ...

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5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing a Website Vendor

In today’s interconnected world, having an online presence is fundamental to building a brand. Without a website, you risk losing a significant amount of business. Read more.

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Search Engine Optimization and the Role of Content

by Bettina Kina The ever-changing landscape of search engine optimization (SEO) would make quite the dramatic daytime soap opera. Just when you think you are in a stable, loving relationship with your website’s SEO strategy – bam – a new marketing trend emerges that makes you rethink your pla ...

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Approach it Like a Game of Monopoly

by Christa Nuber SEO. Tweets. Hashtags. SEM. These are digital marketing buzzwords you have heard at some point as you walked by a marketing consultant in an exhibit hall. While all these marketing buzzwords represent elements that are important to a marketing plan, what you should really be listen ...

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The Key to a Successful Social Strategy: Market to Your Target Audience

Define Your Goals Before diving into the social media world, let’s define your purpose. If you’re like most other healthy medical practices, one of your primary goals is to acquire more patients. But to reach this goal, you’re going to have to measure your successes.Make sure you create a sim ...

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A Hodgepodge of Issues Surrounding Reimbursement

by Joseph Zygmunt, RVT, RP hS, and AJ Riviezzo, MBA VEIN Magazine Winter 2014 FREE CONSULTATIONS “Hey, I saw an ad in the paper for a ‘free vein consultation.’ I think I want to do that too—it will attract new patients like crazy!” What do you think of this as a method to attract patien ...

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Google is Vetting You—Are You the Vein Expert You Think You Are?

Do you know what your patients are looking for in a vein specialist? Google does. Learn the four most important steps to make you relevant online and bring in new patients.

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Time to Get Tradigital

What does the term tradigital mean? How does it apply to your business? Are its components even necessary to expand your business? To find out...

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