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Applying Technology from the Neuro-Interventional Lab in General Interventional Radiology

by J. Moskovitz, MD All Interventional Radiology practices strive to constantly improve their service to their patients, which includes adopting best practices from other subspecialty fields. Recently at the Florida Hospital System, we have found that products designed for neurointerventional proc ...

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Are We Ready for the New Anticoagulants?

Recently, the debut of three novel anticoagulants has made a ripple effect throughout the medical community. In this article, Dr. Malay Patel gives us an overview of the individual medications and their impact as a whole, as the world gets ready to integrate these new choices into daily practice.

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Artificial Intelligence

Food for thought: Are we the first beings to create our own successors? Will our invention of collective technologies limit or enhance our abilities to advance? Only time will tell.

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Better Visualization: A Closer look at Syris Scientific’s v900L

Vein specialists have used Syris Scientific predicate devices for more than 15 years. The latest v900L is both lightweight and operates much cooler than previous models.

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Big Data. Little Data. More Data. How Our Venous Registries Can Help

Dive into the vision of a group of leading venous disease treatment specialists who are working to collect, analyze, and disseminate data to improve patient care.

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BioMedix Improving Care Delivery Through Collaborative Health Information Technology

Since its start in 1997, BioMedix has been dedicated to enabling more efficient and effective patient care by meeting the needs of evolving medical communities. Read more.

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Biosound Esaote releases the all new MyLab25Gold

Adapting technologies from their flagship MyLab®70 XV, the new MyLab®25Gold wants to change the perception of limited functionality in hand-carried ultrasound. “The MyLab®25Gold has broken through the barriers and is setting new standards in diagnostic quality and solutions. The new MyLab® pla ...

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CHIVA: Theory, Practice and Outcomes

CHIVA strategy represents an effective saphenous-sparing therapeutic approach for lower limb chronic venous disease. Learn how CHIVA strategy can be a part of your everyday practice.

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Comparing VenaSeal and ClosureFast: Results of the VeClose Trial

The VeClose Trial is a three-year long clinical evaluation of VenaSeal and ClosureFast, two of the newest saphenous vein treatment solutions on the market today.

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Compression Stocking Use to Heal Venous Wounds

Venous disease occurs when a vein is not functioning properly causing a disturbance of normal one-way blood flow, usually causing venous insufficiency. Read more.

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