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How Can You Help Betty be Compliant with Your Prescription of Compression Therapy?

Helping patients to succeed in their compression treatment therapy for improved quality of life associated with chronic venous disease or lymphedema.

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How Does Industry Valuate New Medical Technology?

The field of medical technology is well known for the incredibly rapid pace of innovation--one that rivals the software industry. Read more.

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Is the Changing Medical Device Market Landscape Forcing an Innovation Plateau in the United States?

Chip Draper speaks to respected inventor, writer and teacher Lazar Greenfield, MD about the medical device landscape.

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IVC Filters and the Recent Trials

Despite the surge in IVC filter use in recent years, there isn’t any definitive evidence that shows a corresponding decline in pulmonary embolism rates. This study aims to find out why.

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IVC Filters: Put them In, Take Them Out

How one cardiology and peripheral vascular-based group practice built a comprehensive IVCF program from the ground-up to improve retrieval rates. Read more.

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Laser Resolution of Hemosiderin, Staining in Sclerotherapy-Treated Veins

by John E. Bottsford, MD, FACS and Jane Bottsford, RN Introduction As a peripheral vascular surgery practice, we use the gold standard treatment, sclerotherapy, to treat telangiectatic (spider) and reticular (varicose) veins in the lower extremities. These superficial veins enlarge from non-functi ...

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LAWRENCE ILLUMINATES THE WAY FOR PHLEBOLOGY’S FUTURE Peter Lawrence, M.D., is fine-tuning what he believes is a significant discovery in the treatment of venous disease. Lawrence, who serves as chief of vascular surgery at the University of California at Los Angeles has learned through clinica ...

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Meaningful Use for Phlebologists

by J. Gordon Wright, MD, FACS, RVT How this series of articles is organized: The simple and superficial instructions (think of checklists) appear at the very beginning, with more in-depth details coming later. In this way, those of you who just want the short story can find it in Part 1, then quit

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Men & Vein Disease: The Numbers are Higher Than You Might Think

For many years, it is been concluded that women suffer from varicose veins substantially more than men.Prevalence was always thought to be significantly higher in women than men according to 70 years of research--until now.

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