Work & Life Balance

BBQ to Try at the Austin ACP Congress

Prepare for the best barbecue in Texas. The American College of Phlebology’s Annual Congress gets truly American in Austin this year, so get the insider tips on the tastiest cuts.

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Playing to Win, or Not to Lose?

Where in your life are you playing not to lose? How much more colorful could your life be if, instead, you played to win?

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Only Caring Can Teach Others to Care

As physicians, we must learn to not only treat our patients but care for them too.

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Latest Articles About Work & Life Balance
Accidental Leaders

Are you and effective leader? Do you know what it takes to become one? How about what changes need to take place in order to make this vision a reality? In this article we answer these questions and give you the tools to be a great leader for your business.

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Helane Fronek: What's Your Definition of Competence?

Many people in our profession doubt their competence and may even feel like a fake at certain times in their careers. Many of us have unrealistic ideas of what competence means.

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The Ethics and Heart of Accountability

One of the tenets of the practice of medicine is above all, do no harm. What do we do when we see a colleague has forgotten that adage?

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Embracing Who We Are: A Win-Win for Everyone

Doctors have personalities that fuel their medicinal approaches, too. Some listen to patients' and reinforce their concerns, while others seek to empower the patient with optimism and confidence. No matter what our personalities entail, the main focus is to use those traits to provide the best care. ...

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What Stories and Rules Do You Live By?

As humans, we are “meaning makers.” When events occur, we naturally construct stories to explain or create meaning from them. Through these, we create lenses that determine how we react to similar situations. So, what’s your story?

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Choose Freedom

We all crave freedom, but what keeps us wrapped in a straightjacket of work and personal responsibilities, unable to create a life of our choosing?

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Physician Burnout: The End of a Career or an Opportunity for Growth?

55%of American physicians said they suffer from symptoms of burnout in a 2014 Mayo Clinic study. Here’s what you can do today to avoid or overcome this growing affliction.

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Want Greater Success? Focus on Your Strengths

People often live their lives asynchronously to their true strengths, they often defer to occupations and careers that do not foster professional and personal growth. Time to do what works for you.

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What Makes a Good Mentor?

Reflect on your greatest challenges and accomplishments. Who influenced your decisions? Here’s why you must walk the same path.

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