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2013 Just Might Be the Year for Some Resolutions

As the new year approaches, we often consider how our lives could be different. Unfortunately, as many of us have experienced, those well-intentioned ideas rarely serve to change anything, especially our sense of being able to follow through on our resolutions! As Patterson, et. al., discuss in Chan ...

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Accidental Leaders

Are you and effective leader? Do you know what it takes to become one? How about what changes need to take place in order to make this vision a reality? In this article we answer these questions and give you the tools to be a great leader for your business.

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Are You Playing to Win, or Playing Not to Lose?

Where in your life are you playing not to lose? How much more colorful could your life be if, instead, you played to win?

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Choose Freedom

We all crave freedom, but what keeps us wrapped in a straightjacket of work and personal responsibilities, unable to create a life of our choosing?

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Embracing Who We Are: A Win-Win for Everyone

Doctors have personalities that fuel their medicinal approaches, too. Some listen to patients' and reinforce their concerns, while others seek to empower the patient with optimism and confidence. No matter what our personalities entail, the main focus is to use those traits to provide the best care. ...

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Got Passion?

You can maintain a love for work as a vein specialist, but a decades-long career can lead to burnout. Where can you find passion in a career in medicine?

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Helane Fronek: What's Your Definition of Competence?

Many people in our profession doubt their competence and may even feel like a fake at certain times in their careers. Many of us have unrealistic ideas of what competence means.

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How VEIN Magazine's 10th Anniversary Can Help us Lead a More Fulfilling Life

As VEIN Magazine’s 10th year allows us to consider its past and future value, every anniversary we recognize can provide this structure so we appreciate and optimize other parts of our lives.

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Is It Time? Phlebology as a Recognized Speciality in the US

By Saundra S. Spruiell, DO, FACPh The recognition of Phlebology as a bona fide specialty within the United States is in a dynamic state. Although it more widely recognized today than even 10 years ago, continued progress is essential to move phlebology toward the specialty recognitio ...

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Looking For the Perfect Gift

The holidays will soon be upon us — and with them, the stress of finding that perfect gift for our families, friends, colleagues and employees. Advertising comes at us from all angles, and we wonder what each person on our list might cherish or find useful. I would like to suggest a daring plan t ...

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