Work & Life Balance

Words Matter

We Americans are proud of and passionate about the freedoms we enjoy. This issue has been difficult during the pandemic,further dividing us. If my freedom impacts you in a way you dislike, where does my freedom end? Do we...Continue Reading

We Each Deserve (and need!) a Creative Life

AT A RECENT gathering of medical students, a talented colleague, both skilled pediatrician and avid weaver, encouraged each student to cultivate a form of creativity in their life. The wisdom of this advice has become cle...Continue Reading

Maintaining our Wholeness as Physicians in the Age of Covid-19

by Helane Fronek Physicians were struggling with epidemic levels of burnout – before a pandemic upended our lives and strained our coping mechanisms. Anxiety has risen as we fear our and our loved ones’ health...Continue Reading

Your Own Personal Secret to Work Life Balance

Google “Work Life Balance” and up pop 20,600,000 entries, many of which have tempting titles like The 5 tips to Work Life Balance. The way I see it, if it were as easy as 5 tips, we would have figured it out b...Continue Reading

Try A Little Mindfulness

Have you noticed that word mindfulness popping up in all sorts of places lately? As busy healthcare professionals, we are mindful of many pressing things – the worried patients in our waiting room, the unread stack...Continue Reading

2013 Just Might Be the Year for Some Resolutions

As the new year approaches, we often consider how our lives could be different. Unfortunately, as many of us have experienced, those well-intentioned ideas rarely serve to change anything, especially our sense of being ab...Continue Reading

The Opposite Is Also True

I recently spent an hour with a confused patient whose physician had quickly scheduled a procedure without much explanation. Increasingly squeezed for time, even those physicians who tend toward explanation may leave this...Continue Reading

Looking For the Perfect Gift

The holidays will soon be upon us — and with them, the stress of finding that perfect gift for our families, friends, colleagues and employees. Advertising comes at us from all angles, and we wonder what each perso...Continue Reading

Power of People

During his inaugural address, President Obama repeated the words, “We, the people,” many times. He evoked a sense of collective and personal responsibility and encouraged us to use our power to enact change. B...Continue Reading

Making the Most of Our Lives Use the UIP as your First Experiment!

As Gretchen Rubin muses in her delightful and inspiring book, The Happiness Project, the days are long but life is short. (That is also the reason why we’re wisely encouraged to eat dessert first!) For most of us, l...Continue Reading