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Try A Little Mindfulness

Have you noticed that word mindfulness popping up in all sorts of places lately? As busy healthcare professionals, we are mindful of many pressing things – the worried patients in our waiting room, the unread stack of journals, the charts waiting to be signed. I imagine that just being reminded ab ...

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Want Greater Success? Focus on Your Strengths

People often live their lives asynchronously to their true strengths, they often defer to occupations and careers that do not foster professional and personal growth. Time to do what works for you.

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What Makes a Good Mentor?

Reflect on your greatest challenges and accomplishments. Who influenced your decisions? Here’s why you must walk the same path.

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What's Still Here?

Medical training teaches us to become keen observers. We notice things about our patients as soon as we walk in the room: shortness of breath, anxiety, pain. We also notice changes since their last visit: weight loss, difficulty walking, advancing skin changes on their legs. We usually focus on what

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What Stories and Rules Do You Live By?

As humans, we are “meaning makers.” When events occur, we naturally construct stories to explain or create meaning from them. Through these, we create lenses that determine how we react to similar situations. So, what’s your story?

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What Yoga Taught Me about the Trap of Comparison

Here's what yoga taught Dr. Helane Fronek about our drive to compare ourselves with others.

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Your Own Personal Secret to Work Life Balance

So, what exactly is the secret to that elusive work life balance that we all strive for? Read more to find out.

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