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Are knee high compression stockings ok for a male working on concrete?
My male friend wears knee high nylons for working his shift on concrete. Is this correct? Read more
What's the best procedure to treat blue and bulging veins on my ankle?
Sclerotherapy - 18 answers
What method of vein removal is ideal for the ankle area? Read more
If I wear compression hose, can I forego the cotton balls and tape required after Sclerotherapy?
Sclerotherapy - 17 answers
I get cuts/reactions to the tape, so I'd rather remove them when I get home a few hours after the sclerotherapy treatment, instead of after the recommended 24 hours. If I'm still wearing compression hose, will ... Read more
If ablation is done on the saphenous vein, are there other veins that may be used for future heart operations?
I have not had any heart problems other than high blood pressure, but family members have had heart catheters and heart surgery. I have leaking valves in the saphenous vein. If ablated, can other veins be us... Read more
Can endovenous laser ablation treat a vulvar varicose vein?
I have been to 2 vascular surgeons, but they only seem interested in taking care of the varicose vein in my leg that is causing pain to my ankle. My vulvar varicose vein is increasingly painful and swollen. Wha... Read more
What is the protocol regarding ultrasound after sclerotherapy and laser ablation?
Sclerotherapy - 17 answers
Should ultrasound be done at regular intervals to ensure that treated veins have remained closed? What is the protocol regarding ultrasound after sclerotherapy and laser ablation? Read more
How many injections are needed per vein for Sclerotherapy?
Sclerotherapy - 17 answers
I've seen advertising offering 50 injections for Sclerotherapy for what seems to be a very reasonable price. Since I don't know the surface area of veins that 50 injections could treat I can't ascertain whether... Read more
Will a run/hole in my compression stockings compromise my sclerotherapy results?
Sclerotherapy - 17 answers
I recently had sclerotherapy & have been wearing my compression hose as directed. However, I noticed I got a small run/hole at the bottom of one of the feet (near the heel). Will this ruin the overall compressi... Read more
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Should compression hose or wraps be used after sclerotherapy treatment?
Sclerotherapy - 16 answers
I am preparing for my first sclerotherapy treatment. One doctor definitely believes in using some form of compression after the procedure, but another does not. What's your take? Should compression be used afte... Read more
Does the amount of time in between sclerotherapy treatments make a difference?
Sclerotherapy - 16 answers
I've done a few treatments at one month apart each and would like to continue, but I have to go out of town for a while and must postpone my treatments until I get back (pushing the next treatment to 2 mos). Wi... Read more
The veins on my legs bulge throughout the day, could it be an early sign of varicose veins?
I am noticing some blue reticular veins on my legs over the past couple years. They are beginning to seem more noticeable to me. They are light blue- not dark blue/purple. More recently, I have a few straight v... Read more
My OBGYN told me that it is dangerous to wear thigh-high compression stockings during pregnancy as it could cut blood flow at the groin area. True?
I was told that only full belly/closed-toe stockings were appropriate for pregnancy as thigh-high compression stockings could pinch blood flow at groin area. Is this correct info? Are there any dangers to wear... Read more
What is the time-frame for DVT risk with laser ablation?
Is it true that blot clots relating to the endovenous laser ablation procedure are generally visible within the first 24 hours? Or, is this rather a long-term potential side-effect arising from the procedure? I... Read more
I am a flight attendant, should I wear full-length or knee-high compression stockings?
As an international flight attendant, I'm on my feet at high altitudes for 8 to 16 hours. Although I have no vein problems I know that compression stockings help my aching legs. Is there a difference in wearing... Read more
Will successfully treated spider veins just come back again?
Sclerotherapy - 16 answers
I understand that it's possible to develop NEW spider veins in time, but I'm wondering if the spider veins you already treated successfully will simply come back again (i.e. schlerotherapy isn't permanent and o... Read more
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