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Why VNUS Closure and Phlebectomy?
VNUS - 1 month ago1 answer
Why does a patient need to have a VNUS Closure and a phlebectomy, can't you just have the phlebectomy?
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If one does heavy exercise right after lumbar RF such that the back becomes very painful, can it do damage or undo the RF?
Radiofrequency Ablation - 1 month ago1 answer
I had back RF a week ago. Since the procedure I jumped into heavy activities I haven't been able to do (housework, yard work, hauling bricks). Now my back hurts badly. Is it possible I've damaged my back such that I won't get relief from the RF?
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I had the great Saphnenous closed from mid thigh to groin. I now have developed several spider veins along the inner thigh from mid thigh to knee.
Endovenous Laser Ablation - 1 month ago1 answer
I am wondering if this is because the vein is still leaky? Would sclrtotherapy on the remaining great saphenous alleviate the spider veins and prevent future ones from forming?
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I have a wound from Clarivein treatment and it's been almost 3 months. The wound doesn't heal at all. What should I do?
ClariVein - 1 month ago1 answer
It looks like it's drying up, but not actually. My doctor says it's normal but it's been around 3 months and I see no improvement. I'm on blood thinners for last 40 days as my doc stated there is a clot. It now looks like the clot is gone because I have no swelling or pain apart from the intense pain due to the wound. I'm not sure what do I do. I have spent a lot to get cured but unfortunately things have not worked.
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Will losing weight help with leg swelling?
General - 1 month ago2 answers
My right leg swells to a 1/2 inch bigger than what it is in the morning. I had an echo cardio gram stress test and an ultra sound which all came back good. My doctor says I have pitting edema. I am overweight. Will losing weight help with his? Also, he says to wear compression stockings. Will I have to wear them forever?
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My dad wore compression socks over night and is now injured. What should we do?
Compression Stockings - 1 month ago1 answer
We just recently found out my 57 year old father has blood clots in his legs. He had and ultrasound but we are waiting to hear back from the doctor. He was given xarelto and compression socks but they did not specify that wearing them over night is a no no. He woke up this morning and can barely walk on that foot now. Will it be okay or should I take him to urgent care?
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I had EVLT over 2 months ago and sclerotherapy 3 weeks ago. Why do my ankles still swell without compression?
EVLT - 1 month ago2 answers
I had the procedure done on the vein that runs down my inner legs. I started with EVLT then after weeks of ankle swelling, the doctor decided to finish off the veins (portion closer to my ankles) with a solution/sclerotherapy. I wore compression for 7 days after each procedure and the ankle swelling continued so now in week 3 of wearing compression daily. At what point do I go back to the doctor or seek a second opinion? My ultrasounds have all been fine.
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When is surgery needed? My doctor said venus reflux is a progressive disease—stage one through six. I am at stage three, almost four.
Laser Vein Treatment - 1 month ago5 answers
My procedure is scheduled for two weeks. Will I damage or complicate things having this done now. Is this too early?
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My mother went in for surgery the 3rd of August. She has a hard bump in the top of her thigh with no visible bruising. Is this normal?
Varicose Vein Surgery - 1 month ago1 answer
It feels as if it could be a bruise, but a bit harder and there is no visible bruising around it.
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Can Illiac vein stents be removed? I feel they were unnecessary.
Stenting - 1 month ago1 answer
I don't have any type of vein disease except spider veins. I was told I had an obstruction but wouldn't that show up on the outside of my legs? I got two stents and one ablation to one leg. I have abdominal pain and leg pain now when I didn't have either to begin with. I also have more veins and the treated leg has lumps and knee swelling. It's been 18 months. Are these lumps scar tissue? What are the risks and lifestyle or exercise limits? I am 69 and feel the stents were unnecessary.
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I had a EVLT two months ago. I still have the same symptoms and I can still feel the closed off vein. Is this normal?
Endovenous Laser Ablation - 1 month ago3 answers
There's a thick vein from my inner thigh all the way down to my lower calf just sitting there. There's some pain and discomfort along with swelling of the ankle.
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Can PCS cause bloating?
I have already been diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome. It's not bad enough to go to a vein specialist. I am due for my period any day now (I'm irregular) and I am so bloated that I look like I'm two months pregnant. If I am pregnant then I would only be about a month. Is this much bloating possible from a combination of the PCS and the menstrual cycle? Will the PCS cause menstrual bloating to seem bigger? Or is it possible to show at a month of pregnancy if you're small (4'11 & 94 lbs)?
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I had EVLT starting in March up until May and have pain swelling and scars. How serious is this?
EVLT - 1 month ago4 answers
I have knee pain when walking, pain and swelling under my knee, dark scars, and long dark vein scars.I have tried warm soaks, elevation, compression, and pain relievers. Nothing has seemed to work so far to alleviate my discomfort. I have been back to the vein doctor several times.
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Can My Upper Right Thigh Pain be related to Radiofrequency Ablation?
Leg Pain Treatment - 1 month ago1 answer
I had lumbar radiofrequency ablation 9 months ago at L 4 and L 5. I have had extreme pain in my upper right thigh for the past several months. Are these two related?
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How unusual is it to get thrombophlebitis in the greater saphenous vein 1-2 weeks after sclerotherapy?
Sclerotherapy - 1 month ago1 answer
I had numerous sclerotherapy injections in my upper and lower leg (especially large vein on my posterior thigh). About a week later, I developed thrombophlebitis in my greater saphenous vein in my thigh, which after ultrasounding indicated that the vein was inflamed and would close like the others. Fast forward another week and I'm having the same symptoms distally in my medial calf. Should I be concerned? Aren't these veins important? These veins we're not directly injected.
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The healthy vein was removed. How can the injured person get better after this mistake?
General - 1 month ago1 answer
The person had burned his leg with limestone but he hadn't had any problems for a long time. But after some time the problems appeared and he went to doctor. The doctor had removed the healthy vein instead of the damaged vein in his leg. Wounds have appeared on his leg and his feet are swollen. What should he do now? How can he reduce the pain and the swelling?
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I had vein removal surgery 3 months ago and have now developed swollen ankles and feet on my surgery leg. Is this normal?
Varicose Vein Surgery - 1 month ago1 answer
I did not have this issue prior to the surgery. My ultrasound shows the vein was properly closed.
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