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What is the best treatment for venous ulcers?
What is the recommended procedure for treating leg ulcers? Read more
What should be done about veins that reopen or are partially occluded?
I am an active 45 year old who had endovenous laser ablation done on the great saphenous vein and lesser saphenous vein. After 4 months of complications, I had an ultrasound to determine the source. It turns ou... Read more
What credentials do I look for in a doctor that performs sclerotherapy on hand veins?
Sclerotherapy - 15 answers
I would rather a doctor instead of a MA perform sclerotherapy on the bulging veins in my hands. Are there many doctors that perform this procedure? If so, what credentials do I look for? Read more
Can you die if you forgo deep vein reflux treatment for too long?
Vein Treatments - 15 answers
I was diagnosed 10 years ago with deep vein reflux. At the time, I was told to wear compression hose, but I haven't had any symptoms. I am 5'7, 130 lbs and have three children. Could I die from forgoing deep ve... Read more
One year post-EVLT, I have pain in the area that was treated. Could the veins have reopened?
I had the endovenous laser ablation procedure about a year ago. Now, I constantly have pain, and it feels like it did prior to treatment. I had both legs treated, but only the left was more severe. Could the ve... Read more
Can I have a vein ablation if I have a deep vein clot in the leg?
I have a deep vein clot and I was wondering if I can have an ablation to close the the vein on the inside of my leg? Read more
Vein did not close after laser ablation - what are the consequences?
I had a laser ablation on my left leg and the follow-up ultrasound after 2-3 days of surgery which showed that the vein did not close. The doctor said she had never seen this before. Is this dangerous? Should I... Read more
I have had swelling in my feet and lower leg for about 2 or 3 months. I have tried compression socks with limited results. What should I do?
My foot doctor said I may need a test to see if I am a candidate for vein surgery. I'm a little nervous about this procedure. Can you let me what my options are? Read more
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Should I wait until I am older to get the endovenous laser ablation procedure?
I am a 24 y/o active female who has incompetent great saphenous veins in both legs. Can you advise if I should wait to close them via laser ablation or have it done ASAP? I have unsightly varicose veins, but cu... Read more
My doctor only treated my vein from the groin to the knee, is this OK? Should he have treated the entire vein?
I had endovenous laser treatment on my saphenous vein. The doctor said he only treated it from the groin to knee, not to ankle. He said that should be enough to stop the blood flow. Is this OK, or should he hav... Read more
What can I do for a second degree burn I received as a result of sclerotherapy?
Sclerotherapy - 14 answers
A trainee performed sclerotherapy on my lower leg, while a PA injected my upper leg. Polidocanol was used. Though they worked simultaneously, they operated independently and without supervision. I now have a 4 ... Read more
Is it OK to take standard multivitamins during schlerotherapy?
Sclerotherapy - 14 answers
Is it alright to take standard multivitamins during schlerotherapy, or will this affect results? (I read that Vitamin E is not good during treatment, and multi-vitamins contain some Vitamin E.) Read more
Should I still wear a compression stocking 3 weeks after sclerotherapy treatment??
Sclerotherapy - 14 answers
I was wondering if I should continue to wear my 18-24 mmHg compression stocking 3 weeks after my sclerotherapy treatment. I was told once that even if the condition improves, wearing stockings can prevent varic... Read more
Do I need larger support hose if they're making my toes hurt?
I've noticed that support hose make the ends of my toes hurt. Do I need a larger size and can I wear socks over them to make them look better? Read more
Is it safe to have Sclerotherapy treatments on a weekly basis?
Sclerotherapy - 14 answers
Can patients overdose on the sclerotherapy injections? Read more
I had EVLT done on 1/16/15 and I just noticed a bruise on the operative leg. Is this normal?
EVLT - 14 answers
It seems striated and is painful and getting larger. There's no predisposing trauma, and I'm unsure on what to do. Please help! Read more
Will untreated spider veins become leg ulcers?
I've heard spider veins will cause leg ulcers if untreated. Is this accurate? Read more
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