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How soon after sclerotherapy can I play tennis, run, and dance?
Sclerotherapy - 6 answers
How soon after sclerotherapy can I play tennis? run? dance? Read more
Can EVLT cause nerve damage?
I had EVLT done about three months ago..right after the EVLT procedure i started feeling weird sensations in my ankle and now the pain seems to get worse every day? Could this pain be associated with the proce... Read more
Will significant weight loss alleviate varicose veins naturally?
I'm scheduled for weight-loss surgery, and I have large varicose veins on both legs. Will losing the weight change the pressure in my legs enough to make the varicose veins go away, or will I need surgery or o... Read more
I have visble veins on my legs that are not bulging out like Varicose veins and I don't think they are Spider Veins. What are they?
I am 24 yrs old, and after i had my daughter i noticed my legs are veiny. The veins don't bulge out nor are spidery. i was wondering what are they? How should I get rid of them? Read more
Healing time after having an ambulatory phlebectomy?
I had ambulatory phlebectomy performed on my leg two weeks ago. How long will it take for the incisions to heal? Right now the incisions look like little red scabs. Read more
My legs are numb and tingly after having EVLT and sclerotherapy, will these feelings ever go away?
I had endovenous laser treatment and sclerotherapy performed on both the greater and lessor saphenous veins of my legs. It was done on the same day. After a couple of weeks I started feeling numbness and tingli... Read more
How long after Sclerotherapy can you get in the sun?
Sclerotherapy - 9 answers
How long after Sclerotherapy can you get in the sun? Read more
What can be done to treat lipodermatosclerosis?
I am about two months into treatment for chronic venous insufficiency? I have had laser ablation and foam sclerotherapy with very little results. Can anything be done to treat lipodermatosclerosis after the vei... Read more
What does the burning hot sensation after varicose vein surgery mean?
I had a main vein stripped and incisions by knee done 4 days ago. It looks like its healing well, but I am getting a burning sensation. What does this mean? Read more
Is it dangerous if your compression stockings are too tight?
I'm a 27-year-old nursing assistant who is on her feet for 7-8 hours. I wear compression stockings due to fatigue and varicose veins I've had since adolescence. I also wear them to delay the progression. The st... Read more
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Do I need prescription to get compression stockings?
I've been wearing Futuro compression knee highs for years. I now find the elastic below the knees which holds them up is tight and makes an indentation. I have venous insufficiency with mild leg edema. Do I nee... Read more
Can I cut the feet off of my compression stockings?
Sclerotherapy - 11 answers
I just had the sclerotherapy procedure today. I would love to cut off the feet of my compression stockings. I feel like it would be much more comfortable. Would that defeat the purpose? Read more
Why do I have varicose veins at 25 years old?
VNUS - 12 answers
I am a skinny 25 year old who has never been pregnant. I live an active lifestyle and maintain a healthy diet. I work out for an hour a day, plus I take my dog on 3-4 walks a day. I don't keep my legs crossed a... Read more
How long does it take for Sclerotherapy to work?
Sclerotherapy - 9 answers
I hade sclerotherapy yesterday, but I can still see a few of the veins that were treated. How long until all the veins disappear? Read more
Varicose veins in the buttocks
I am 60 years of age and have had prominent veins in the buttocks for some years but they are just beginning to trouble me. I've had a pelvic ultrasound scan which showed that I also have prominent veins in th... Read more
Do Varicose Veins cause you to have severe leg cramps?
Is this a side effect of having varicose veins and can varicose vein surgery effectively treat this condition? Read more
Is numbness and pain normal after EVLT?
EVLT - 3 answers
I had EVLT done on my rt leg three weeks ago. I still have pain and walk with a limp. It hurts to straighten my knee fully. It's as if the back of my knee is "tight". I got a large blister on my thigh and am c... Read more
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