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I have extreme weakness and pain in my legs after VNUS closure and sclerotherapy. Was my femoral nerve severed? If so, what can be done?
I'm a 46 yr old female who had bilateral VNUS closure and sclerotherapy on both legs in 2017. An EMG & nerve conduction study were done. Doc said worst case scenario my femoral nerve was severed. The testing showed no response at all & now I'm living with a lot of painful symptoms. I'm still working full-time but can't climb stairs without railing or get up from the chair, couch or desk without help from my arms. Weakness in my leg & buckling in both legs. Brings me to tears.
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It has been one month since I had EVLA done on my right leg. Is it normal to still be experiencing aching throughout the calf area?
Due to extreme cramping in the calf area, I had 2 sclerotherapy treatments on my right leg within 4 months. With continued pain in the ankle area, I had EVLA. I have very small veins and the sclerotherapy didn't reach the smaller veins. I had an ultrasound 5 days after EVLA and it was clear of blood clots, but I am still experiencing aching (no cramping) throughout my calf area. I even have aching after driving due to pushing the pedals. I use Arnicare and Epsom salt soaks.
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Is there any home remedy for spider vein?
I'm looking to treat my spider veins at home. Are there any at-home remedies that will help?
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Why do some doctors not perform hand vein sclerotherapy?
Sclerotherapy - 1 answer
I'm trying to decide whether to have it done. I'm young (34 years old) but my hand veins really bother me.
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Will I have side effects if I don't wear my doctor-recommended compression socks after radiofrequency ablation?
I got radiofrequency ablation treatment today but I don't have the 30-40mmHg compression stockings my doctor recommended. The delivery is delayed. The medical grade arrive Monday. Meanwhile, my leg is wrapped and I have purchased over-the-counter socks. Should I expect side effects as a result?
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Can lack of excercise alone cause CVI?
General - 1 answer
I was diagnosed with CVI a year ago. I’m 52, had 5 pregnancies, varicose veins on feet/ankles, sitting job for 13 years and am in menopause just now. I’ve exercised off and on. My grandma and aunt had DVTs. My mom had varicose veins. No one I know of has CVI. I’m afraid this is due to being too sedentary. I wear compression stockings now, pain and swelling almost unbearable. I’ve been seen by 2 phlebologists and they won’t help me. Standing ultrasound shows no reflux or superficial veins.
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I have a stent covering 2 cerebral aneurysms. Could this be causing the veins in my hands to bulge?
Stenting - 1 answer
I have a stent covering 2 cerebral aneurysms. I've noticed the veins in my hands bulge out sometimes and at other times I cannot see them. Could the stent be the problem?
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How exactly do compression stockings work? When and how often should they be worn?
I had an operation to remove a growth. I'd like to learn more about compression stockings and how they help to circulate blood. Also, I would like to know when they should be worn? Must I sleep wearing them?
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At what point does a rolled down compression sock do more harm than good? Feels like a tourniquet. What to do now?
I ordered more compression socks online but it won’t come for two more days. What do I do until then? The markings on my leg are pretty deep & red from the rolled down elastic thigh-high top. Doc office is not concerned it does not fit. It’s the largest size XL they sell and doc said I have to wear. At what point does negative outweigh good? I have a 6-hour waitressing shift tomorrow & this will be down past my knee within 15 min—literally. They roll down within 4in of my knee.
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What is the difference between the VNUS procedure and the Medtronic Fast Closure procedure? Are these two procedures the same?
Have not had any treatment yet. I just turned 76 and have had pain when walking about a block. I also have a lot of swelling if I'm on my feet all day. My doctor is recommending the Medtronic Closure procedure. I have recently had another ultrasound & he says my condition has progressed. I also have a lot of discoloration around my ankles. My diagnosis is chronic venous insufficiency. I just can't decide what to do.
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Is it normal to still have warmth in my varicose and spider veins 5 years after radiofrequency ablation?
I had RFA about 5 yrs ago. At times, I notice warmth in the varicose and spider veins in that leg. I had a Doppler in June that was negative and for a while, it seemed improved. When I sit with my legs elevated or when I get up in the morning, the veins are cool to touch. This is only when standing or walking. I have no redness or swelling. I do have pain in my veins at times. My PCP said that the warmth is probably because of the ablation and the blood being closer to the surface.
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After varicose vein surgery, is it normal to have a non-healing wound that discharges watery/yellow fluid?
Since having varicose vein surgery 3 weeks ago, I have a partially open wound that won't heal and continually discharges a watery/yellowy fluid. This fluid has been discharging for the last seven days and does not stop. Is this normal following varicose vein surgery and repair? One vein was removed and one was repaired after being mistakenly cut during the procedure. GP has prescribed antibiotics. I'm two-thirds through the course but as of yet show no signs of improvement.
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How long after EVLT should I be taking ibuprofen?
EVLT - 2 answers
I’m a little over a week post-EVLT and I’m not sure how long I should be taking ibuprofen. Much of the initial pain subsided but I still feel like I need it. How long can I safely continue ibuprofen?
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Do I need an ultrasound of the bulging vein in the front of my hand?
I have a bulging vein on the top of my hand. Would you recommend an ultrasound?
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What should I do if my compression stockings cause pain upon application and don't help my symptoms?
I am a female truck driver who just had surgery on her meniscus. I have lots of swelling in feet and legs. My doctor prescribed compression hose to see if they will help. The thing is it hurts so bad to roll them up my legs, even when they aren't swollen. After I put them on, my legs still swell and hurt. It feels like they are bruised all the way up to my thighs. What should I do?
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When is intervention offered for symptomatic legs? At what point physically would I know I have reflux?
I was wearing 20-30mmHg knee-high compression for 6 mos but my symptoms were getting worse. I experience swelling, tingling, cramping, and difficulty standing or sitting for periods of time. I’m now wearing 20-30mmhg thigh-high stockings, which helps somewhat. My quality of life has gone down tremendously. I had an ultrasound of my rt leg superficial veins and there is no reflux yet and no DVT. I do however have varicosities in my feet/ankles.
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What causes prominent veins to appear across the whole body?
Vein Treatments - 2 answers
My veins have become more prominent across my whole body. First, it started across my chest and breasts, then my feet and legs, then the sides of my hips (near my stomach). Now this morning, my arms, wrists, and hands have them. There is localized pain that feels like pulsating sharp pain around some of them, itching and also pins and needles. I have low blood pressure and often feel exhausted no matter how much I sleep. Reoccurring bruising around my legs is also another symptom.
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My veins hurt pretty bad. Should I get them checked?
My leg veins hurt every night. I'm underweight. Should I get them checked out? What affordable options should I consider? I have a disabled child that has had 2 transplants. We're on her second one, with day 60. I don't have any insurance because I'm with her dealing with her medical needs. Any help or options are appreciated.
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I had EVLT and will be resuming exercise soon. Should I wear my compression stockings while working out?
EVLT - 1 answer
I am almost a week post-EVLT and will be resuming exercise soon. Should I wear my compression stockings while working out? Also, are there any things I should be aware of prior to working out?
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Why are my veins still huge after EVLT?
EVLT - 4 answers
I had EVLT in April of this year. I still have huge varicose veins. They are not painful anymore but I was under the impression my legs would look better cosmetically.
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