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Years after having a sclerotherapy treatment, my leg constantly burns. Should I be concerned?
Sclerotherapy - 14 answers
I had sclerotherapy four to five years ago. My leg is constantly burning and is further aggravated by being on my feet a lot at work. Should I be concerned? Read more
What should I do about a purple lump on my leg after Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy?
It has been three weeks since my UGS procedure and there is a small purple lump about 20mm in diameter where my vein was treated. It is sore to touch. My follow-up appointment is in three weeks. What is the pur... Read more
I'm considering vein treatment, but how do I know the protruding veins on my shins (like on my feet and hands) are varicose?
I've had a consultation with a board-certified doctor, but still have concerns. Clotting and stroke run on my mom's side of the family. She died of a pulmonary embolism at 42 but I don't know where the clot was... Read more
How long after pregnancy should I wait to have treatments?
Sclerotherapy - 14 answers
I have developed what I think are spider veins during my second and current pregnancy. I want to have them treated but I was wondering how long after delivery I should wait to seek treatment. Read more
How can I prevent varicose veins?
How can I prevent having varicose veins? I am still at my age of 20, but yet my varicose viens are getting enlarged and more severe. Read more
Heart Failure after Laser Light Therapy?
Hi, I was dx with peripardom cardiomyopathy 2 years ago, my EF is normal, no dilation, clots gone, cleared by cardiologist to resume normal activity as of year ago. I want to get my varicose veins fixed, any op... Read more
Do I need prescription to get compression stockings?
I've been wearing Futuro compression knee highs for years. I now find the elastic below the knees which holds them up is tight and makes an indentation. I have venous insufficiency with mild leg edema. Do I nee... Read more
Is it safe to have Sclerotherapy treatments on a weekly basis?
Sclerotherapy - 14 answers
Can patients overdose on the sclerotherapy injections? Read more
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Should I still wear a compression stocking 3 weeks after sclerotherapy treatment??
Sclerotherapy - 14 answers
I was wondering if I should continue to wear my 18-24 mmHg compression stocking 3 weeks after my sclerotherapy treatment. I was told once that even if the condition improves, wearing stockings can prevent varic... Read more
Do knee high compression socks prevent upper leg varicosities?
I underwent ambulatory phlebectomy for my right leg. No visible veins on left. I'm always standing at work (8-12 hrs). Read more
Is it OK to take standard multivitamins during schlerotherapy?
Sclerotherapy - 14 answers
Is it alright to take standard multivitamins during schlerotherapy, or will this affect results? (I read that Vitamin E is not good during treatment, and multi-vitamins contain some Vitamin E.) Read more
Will untreated spider veins become leg ulcers?
I've heard spider veins will cause leg ulcers if untreated. Is this accurate? Read more
How long should I treat an ulceration from sclerotherapy with a prescribed burn cream?
Sclerotherapy - 14 answers
I am at week 10 dealing with this ulceration. First it was treated with antibiotics and Bactrian now I am using a burn cream. It is on the lower shin. Is it normal for healing to take this long? Is there a more... Read more
Should compression stockings make your legs & feet ache?
I have compression stockings that are supposed to come up to my knees, but they come over my knees. Not only are they very difficult to get on & off, they cause my legs and feet to ache. Is this normal? Read more
Is there a connection between varicose veins and constipation?
Sclerotherapy - 14 answers
I am a 25-year-old female, and I have spider veins and visible reticular veins behind knees. My ultrasound is normal. I have had chronic constipation for 10 years. Could it be the reason? Read more
Do I need larger support hose if they're making my toes hurt?
I've noticed that support hose make the ends of my toes hurt. Do I need a larger size and can I wear socks over them to make them look better? Read more
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