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Can Sclerotherapy cause blood clots?
Sclerotherapy - 13 answers
I've heard that occasionally, small lumps of clotted blood can be felt after sclerotherapy. Aren't blood clots quite dangerous? Read more
What can I do about a small clot of trapped blood after sclerotherapy?
Sclerotherapy - 9 answers
After sclerotherapy, there is a small section that is lumpy and discolored. My treating pysician does not drain these, is there any way to speed up the healing/fading of pigmentation? Read more
Is intense pain normal after laser ablation of great saphenous vein?
I had my GSV ablation done 13 days ago and still have intense pain in a segment on the inner thigh just above the knee. Is this level of pain normal and, if so, for how long? I have to take Advil for relief, bu... Read more
After endovenous laser ablation treatment, how long does it take for the tightness/discomfort to resolve?
EVLT - 8 answers
I'm athletic, in good shape, and have always had excellent flexibility. I am concerned because 4 weeks after endovenous laser treatment my knees are better but not "normal." I cannot bend them all the way (cal... Read more
How long does it take for reduction of visible calf veins after VNUS?
VNUS - 10 answers
I had VNUS radio-frequency ablation (from knee to my groin) 2 weeks ago with a review scheduled in 4 weeks. The unsightly vein in my calf is now reduced, but is still about 30 percent the size it was previously... Read more
Can compression hose cause bruising?
I am a nurse and only wore compression hose to prevent swelling and leg cramps/pain after work when I was pregnant. I just restarted using them but I am not pregnant, but I have noticed SEVERE bruising developi... Read more
Are there alternatives to wearing compression stockings for those who can't?
I received RF ABLATION OF GSV + FOAM SCLEROTHERAPY on my left leg in August. I could not wear compressive stockings owing to ulcers and small bleeding from swelled veins. Is there a negative effect from not wea... Read more
Purple veins on my wrist, should I be concerned?
I occasionally have pain in my hands. I noticed one vein in particular is dark purple and appears to be purple to other people. But one vein next to it looks fine. I'm kinda worried but nor sure I should be. Do... Read more
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Can I continue running and moderate workouts after sclerotherapy?
Sclerotherapy - 10 answers
Will running short distances, say 2-4 miles three times per week, be of detriment to sclerotherapy procedures? What about medium distance hikes of 5-10 miles that include hills? Read more
The veins in my legs hurt and swell so much during my menstrual cycle that it's hard to walk. What's going on?
General - 3 answers
I'm 26 and have 2 kids. The veins in my legs hurt and swell so much during my menstrual cycle that it's hard to walk. What's going on? Read more
When is swelling above the knee a concern?
I have swelling above the left knee, which was noticed 3 months ago. I had an ultrasound that revealed no deep vein thrombosis (DVT), just vein reflux and stasis. I've been wearing compression stockings, but th... Read more
I was given TED hose after hip replacement surgery, how often can I take them off?
I had a total hip replacement roughly a month ago and was given TED hose to wear. I'm a pretty active person. How long can I take the hose off? Do I need to wear them around the house if I am up and about? Read more
Can endovenous laser ablation give me deep vein thrombosis?
I've heard that ELA can result in deep vein thrombosis. Is this true, and how common is this complication? Is there any way to prevent it? Read more
Can Pelvic Congestion Syndrome cause hip pain and or nausea?
I have low and mid back pain along with nausea. Can this be attributed to Pelvic Congestion Syndrome? Read more
Why would a surgeon leave surgical clips in my upper groin after varicose vein stripping?
I had varicose vein surgery 14 years ago to strip veins from my right leg. I have had severe pain in my groin and lower abdomen for years. Just found out the surgeon left three surgical clips in my groin. They... Read more
Is swelling in the ankle after varicose vein surgery normal?
One week after varicose vein surgery I developed a golf ball size swelling on the inside of my ankle that is very sensitive to touch. Is this normal? Read more
Will insurance cover Varicose Vein Surgery? Pain is getting worse..
I have spider veins and varicose veins. Will my insurance ppo bluecross pay for it? I was told by my insurance co they would pay if it is medically necessary, they hurt and are getting worse, I am a nurse. Read more
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