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DVT Ultrasounds Questions

Is better to examine reflux on VSM when the patient is standing (vertical position) or when patient is lying (horizontal position)?
DVT Ultrasounds - 3 months ago1 answer
What does it mean when reflux to VSM is there when patient was standing (in vertical position) and the reflux is not there when the patient is lying (horizontal position)?
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Ultrasound says bilateral greater saphenous veins are closed. How can they be reopened?
DVT Ultrasounds - 9 months ago6 answers
I had an ultrasound that says the bilateral greater saphenous veins are closed, and the lesser saphenous veins are closed. Findings are the GSVs and LSVs are bilaterally closed, no perforator veins are visible, all deep veins of BLE appear patent and compressible. What is the treatment for this?
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After the bandages were removed after varicose surgery, I developed itchy skin and a rash on my lower left leg. What should I do?
DVT Ultrasounds - 11 months ago3 answers
I had leg varicose surgery. Two days later, I had an ultrasound and my bandages were removed. Afterwards, I developed a very uncomfortable rash that started spreading more and more. What should I do?
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