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EVLT Questions

How much recovery time do I need after EVLT?
EVLT -1 answer
How much time should I expect to take off work? Read more
Is numbness and pain normal after EVLT?
EVLT -3 answers
I had EVLT done on my rt leg three weeks ago. I still have pain and walk with a limp. It hurts to straighten my knee fully. It's as if the back of my knee is "tight". I got a large blister on my thigh and am c... Read more
After endovenous laser ablation treatment, how long does it take for the tightness/discomfort to resolve?
EVLT -8 answers
I'm athletic, in good shape, and have always had excellent flexibility. I am concerned because 4 weeks after endovenous laser treatment my knees are better but not "normal." I cannot bend them all the way (cal... Read more
I have numbness after EVLT with phlebectomy, will this ever resolve?
EVLT -9 answers
I had endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) with phlebectomy on the left leg 3 days ago. I now have numbness around my left ankle, on the left side of my foot, and running up the right side of my shin from the ankl... Read more
If I have blue veins (reticular veins) on my upper body, does this mean I have a valve problem in my deep veins?
EVLT -8 answers
I all of a sudden had blue veins on my waist, chest, inner upper arms, hands, neck and face, as well as legs, without pregnancy. They seem to be reticular veins and the ones on my arm burn. Does this mean I hav... Read more
Seven weeks after EVLT I have pain and the area where vein was is now hard and tender. Could this be from exercising, or is this just normal?
EVLT -7 answers
I had EVLT on my right leg 7 weeks ago and have been feeling normal for over 2 weeks now and then suddenly I have pain again and there is a hard/tender area where the vein was. It hurts to touch. Could this be ... Read more
Is it normal for veins to be more painful and appear worse after EVLT?
EVLT -6 answers
I had EVLT in January 2012 and I have seen a significant increase in the appearance of blue-green veins. They are much worse than prior to EVLT, but my doctor said this is unrelated. I also feel pain and a tug... Read more
I have severe itching and redness after EVLT, is this normal?
EVLT -9 answers
I had endovenous laser treatment on both legs in December. My leg is still discolored and numb at the injection sites, but my major problems are redness and extreme itching. The pattern travels up and then down... Read more
Veins bulging even after 4 EVLTs
EVLT -3 answers
I had 4 EVLTs performed. It has been 1 year since my last procedure, and my veins still bulge out slightly (giving the appearnce of cellulite in front of thigh) after running or standing on my feet. What gives?... Read more
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How long before I can start wearing high heels after EVLT?
EVLT -4 answers
It's been 10 days since my laser surgery and I'm wondering how long before I can start wearing high heels. Will I be restricted from wearing heels or similar shoes forever? Read more
How can I relieve post-EVLT pain? NSAIDs are not helping.
EVLT -24 answers
I had EVLT about 2-3 weeks ago and I'm still experiencing sharp pain. It's mostly when I stand or walk. Even when I wear a compression stocking during standing or walking, there is no relief. But if I don't wea... Read more
Is pain while standing common after EVLT with phlebectomy?
EVLT -5 answers
Two weeks ago I had EVLT (endovenous laser treatment) with phlebectomy in my right leg. The only significant, stinging pain I have now comes when I stand still for a minute or so. Does this have to do with bloo... Read more
Daily wearing of compression stockings after EVLT procedure
EVLT -2 answers
I have a family history of varicose veins, and recently had a EVLT. Because I do not want to go through this procedure again, would it be harmful for me to wear a lower grade compression stocking now, for the r... Read more
If the preferred method of ELVT is treating one leg at a time, how long will I have to wait before doing the second leg?
EVLT -11 answers
I run 12 miles twice a week. It has been suggested that both of my legs need endovenous laser treatment. How soon after treating one leg can I have the other leg treated? Is it possible to begin running [carefu... Read more
I have numbness in my right leg 6 months after EVLT, will the feeling ever come back? If so, is there anything I can do to speed up the process?
EVLT -3 answers
I went to have my 6 month ultrasound after having both legs treated with endovenous laser ablation. According to my doctor, there is still trapped blood below my right knee. He assumes it will find a way out ev... Read more
How long can I wait to have my great saphenous vein treated?
EVLT -9 answers
I recently went in to have sclerotherapy on two veins on the lower left leg. I had endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) on the small saphenous vein and it was VERY, VERY painful. The doctor now wants to do the gr... Read more
When I stand after sitting or laying for a relatively short time the vein feels like it is being stretched, how long will this last?
EVLT -5 answers
I had endovenous laser treatment about 3 weeks ago. When I stand after sitting for 15+ minutes it feels like the vein in my leg (below my knee) is being stretched. Also, my leg is numb around the site the laser... Read more
Why wait for microphlebectomy after EVLT?
EVLT -7 answers
I clearly needed post-EVLT microphlebectomy or sclerotherapy. Why would I have to wait six months to be re-evaluated, when my legs clearly are not improved cosmetically? I feel that it should be done as soon a... Read more
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