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Facial Vein Treatment Questions

Are there treatments available for small varicose veins in the lips?
Facial Vein Treatment - 2 months ago1 answer
I have enlarged veins in my lips that I assume are varicose, most of which are not visible, but sometimes mildly painful. One is a dark blue spot that is plainly visible on my lower lip, painful in an emotional way. I live in the Washington, DC area.
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I have prominent veins and varicose veins in both temple areas on my head. They are unsightly and cause my face to ache. What can I do?
Facial Vein Treatment - 4 months ago2 answers
These veins get worse in the heat. They really pop then. Part of what caused them is that I used to wear hats and bandanas a lot. Even during excessive and hot yoga. I think it blocked veinous blood flow that was trying to drain from my head. Is there anything I can do about this?
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